Goals for 2011

I decided that for this year I am NOT going to do any level related goals.

So here are my un-level related goals for 2011-

-Post on a regular basis, even if it’s just 2 sentences at the end of every day! I want to aim for at least 3 posts a week, I’ll try for 6-7 though :] They might be short but I’ll try!–This did not happen…sorryyyy :/

-Perfect my braiding skills!- I am actually quite a decent braider now!!

-Reduce my braiding time for 1 1/2 hours to…30 minutes maybe?-YESS 15 minutes! If I’m in a hurry. 30 minutes is pretty long for me now!

-Improve my dressage overall-Definitely! 25.5 at Training level, and a 33.5 at Preliminary! not too shabby, considering I was struggling to get below 40 last year!

-Stay present at competitions, so that my riding can stay near the level it is at home-Getting there, I’m definitely all there on cross country now yay!

-Start riding Dawkins again, even if it’s just a few lessons at the end of the year-Can’t believe I’m able to check this goal off my list, but I competed him successfully in our first Preliminary, won at Training level, was 2nd at area champs, and had other successful rides at Training! Never imagined (obviously) I’d be riding him again by the end of the year, let alone competing Prelim, so I’m thrilled with him.

-Stop relying so much on my hand-haha…not so much. Better I think.

-Keep my rhythm to the base of fences-Again better, not much though.

-Stop panicking and pulling back on the approach to fences-Sometimes yes!

-KEEP COUNTING!!!-I don’t anymore, but that’s okay!

-Get more video/pictures of my riding…even if I just see if I can buy more show videos -Yesss lots of show videos this year!!

-Break in my dressage saddle? haha

Long Term Goals(somewhat…next couple years)-

-Compete at the NAJYRCs at 2*

-Move up to Intermediate/CCI2* before I’m 21 so I can go to the Young Riders!

-Eventually move up to Advanced/CCI3*

-Buy and train a young prospect up from BN/never jumped before? Once I’m older though…in college/later.

-It would be amazing if I moved up to Advanced as a young rider…I’d love to see my name on the “Top Ten Advanced Young Adult Rider” leaderboard 🙂 haha, weird goal I know…and not likely. But hey, it’s a (kind of) goal!

My looooong term goals are the classics. Compete CCI4*, compete at the WEGs, compete at the Olympics. I don’t really feel the need to list them since they’re not exactly “goals” yet.


  1. Awesome long termed goals – maybe we will meet at the WEG’s and Olympics some day, who knows!?
    I’ll definitely keep following up on your blog!
    What level (in CC*-language – I’m not too good at the preliminary/intermediate/novice and so on!) are you riding on now – horses/ponies?

    • That would be a dream come true! Maybe (: You are an incredible rider, btw- I just looked at your blog/videos!
      Thank you so much!
      I’m currently competing at the CNC*/CCI* level with my horses!

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