About Me

My name is Brigit Rossbach. I’m a 16 year old eventer living in the state of Montana. I’m trying and hoping to become a skilled, successful eventer. I own one horse, Dawkins, and lease my lovely mare, Raffy, from Leigh Mesher.

Dawkins is my 2002, 16 hh chestnut Thoroughbred. I bought him in June 2010 from Hawley Bennett, and after some major problems in 2010 we are now a fairly successful combination at Training level, and have just moved up to Preliminary. He has learned to love his job, particularly cross country, and is fabulous on course. He’s a blast, and I really hope to qualify and hopefully compete on him at NAJYRC in 2012.

Raffy is a 2002, 17.3 hh chestnut Zangersheide mare. She is owned by Leigh, and she’s unbelievable! She won the CIC* at Galway in March 2011, and had just made an unsuccessful move up to Intermediate when I got her. She gets very anxious in the ring, but is so unbelievable fancy and well put together that she is capable of winning the dressage even without being relaxed! We were fairly successful at Training level in 2011, although our show jumping is quite weak, and are hoping to make the move up to Preliminary in 2012 and qualify for NAJYRC! She is super on cross country, and has the talent to be lovely in show jumping and dressage as well. I just need to learn to ride her more correctly.

I was a working student from September 2010-September 2011 which was the best experience of my life, but am now attending school full time in order to graduate in June of 2012!


  1. Hey! I don’t even know how but I came across your blog and started reading a bit about you and your horses. Sounds so cool! What area are you in? I’m in young riders too!

    • Thanks!! I’m horrible at updating haha, sorry, but I’m in area 6! Well, I compete in area 6 but I’m technically an area 7 young rider! This is going to sound creepy but you’re an area 6 yr too right? I think I see your name on the galway entries haha creeper sorry (:

  2. Oh awesome! Wait how come you’re technically in area 7 but compete in 6?
    hahaha all eventers are creepers when it comes to that kinda stuff. I do the same thing! but yeah, area 6! I’ll look for you on facebook and we can talk 🙂

    • I live in area 6 right now so I can work for/ride with Tamie Smith! But I kept my memberships in area 7 so if I go to najyrc or whatever I’ll ride for area 7. haha sweet (:

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