Posted by: eventer4life | May 31, 2012

Quick update

Well I haven’t posted in…quite a while, so here’s a quick (poorly written) update that I wrote for another site.

So of course…plans never work out like you want them to.

In (somewhere around) October of last year, my trainer and I started thinking about goals for 2012. Of course, since I was prepping to move up to Prelim, one of the first things to come up was Young Riders. After I successfully completed my first Preliminary horse trial in November 2011 (with a qualifying result!), we made a concrete plan for doing a CCI* in the spring of 2012, and getting qualified to compete at NAJYRC (in my last possible year to do the 1*). I would compete at February Galway, March Twin, and 3 Day Ranch at Prelim, then do the CIC* at Galway, the CCI* at Twin, and go!

Of course…..that didn’t happen. I competed Dawkins at Galway in February, and he was fantastic! Second qualifying result-done. Easy.

Twin was next…and again, another qualifying result. He was even better, and felt great on cross country. Three down, just one to go!

It seemed like it would happen so easily, 2 shows with 2 horses at each to get ONE qualifying result? Easy.

But no…3 Day Ranch was great, my best dressage tests on both horses of the year, followed by the most amazing perfect easy cross country rounds of the spring. Looked like I had two results in the bag and was going to be qualified for twin!

Sunday morning we woke up and there was 4 inches of snow on the ground…I made the decision to withdraw, not wanting to risk my horses legs and figuring I still had Galway to get the last result for the CCI*.

Andddddd then it all fell apart. I went to Galway, did dressage and show jumped in the CIC* and was feeling great about cross country. Fell off at the coffin. On both horses. Majorly screwed up my back and couldn’t ride until…ohhhh the day before Twin dressage nbd.

Of course I wasn’t qualified for the CCI* at Twin…so we quickly changed our plans, dropped Raffy down to JYOP and switched my trainer to riding Dawkins in the 1* (since he wasn’t gret at Galway and I wasn’t sure my back would hold up to 2 horses)…then decided to reroute to the Colorado Horse Park CCI* in June.

The coffin at Twin was extremely similar to the one at Galway, and shared with the Prelim and the 1*…so a super difficult coffin for Prelim. Especially for me, first show after Galway! I had a stop there on Raffy, the rest of the course was easy but no qualifying result…no surprise there though, I was just hoping to get through the show.

On to May Galway…last opportunity to get qualified for Colorado. I had two of my best dressage tests of the year although my horses both wanted to be bad! Then (the bad luck continues yay) I got my hand stepped on 5 minutes before getting on for show jumping. I couldn’t close my hand or move my fingers, so my show jump rounds were not good at all. Two rails each, which I was extremely disappointed in myself for.

Thennnn…cross country. Moment of truth. The course looked great…definitely tougher than it had been at Galway, but looked completely manageable and there wasn’t a single thing I was worried about. Of course I go out…and have a stop at fence 2 on Raffy, a house I have jumped oh, only a million times. The rest of the course was unbelievably easy, soooo yeah I was just a little pissed off. Got on Dawkins…go out and he jumps the first five fences fantastic, then I rode poorly through the sunken road and we had a stop at B.

So no qualifying results from that show either!

At that point, the plan was still Colorado CCI*, then NAJYRC. We called the USEF, and were told that I could easily get a waiver if needed but that I was qualified through some rule I wasn’t aware of.

Then a few days ago, I get a call from the same USEF person I had talked to a few weeks ago. This time she says I’m not qualified, won’t get a waiver, etc etc. Sooo that was a little irritating but oh well.

Then yesterday, we finally decided to give up on Young Riders for good for 2012. No trekking around to find another show to get qualified, no driving 20 hours to Colorado to do the 1*…none of that.

I officially withdrew myself from consideration for NAJYRC this morning.

The dream/goal is done…and I’m not too upset. Moving on to the next…I’ll be going to Copper Meadows to hopefully get one last qualifying Preliminary, and rerouting to the Rebecca Farm CCI* long format, and regular CCI*!

Hopefully I’ll get…something…written between now and Rebecca Farm, although I’m definitely not the best at updating.

I’ll leave you with a few videos from past events this spring!

Dawkins at 3 Day Ranch

Raffy at 3 Day Ranch

Raffy SJ at Galway CIC*- Purchased mostly because of the incident after fence 3…enjoy (:

Dawkins SJ at March Twin

Dawkins XC at March Twin

And of course…I can’t write anything without mentioning the horrible tragedy that the Pollards recently experienced. RIP Jude’s Law, Ulando, and Icarus. My heart is breaking for the poor animals.

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