Posted by: eventer4life | October 1, 2011

Copper Meadows Area Champs!

Copper video is finally here, and that means I can post about it now without having it be boring and have no pictures!!

3 weeks ago, we drove down to Ramona CA for the area championships at Copper Meadows! It was my first time showing there, and Taren and James ran a great, well organized event! Other than the lack of power and insane heat on Thursday/Friday, of course (:

Raffy was in the Open Training and Dawkins was in the Training Rider Championships. Which meant…2 different dressage tests, 2 (slightly) different cross country courses, and 2 different show jump courses.

I managed to not go off course though, which I’m pretty proud of myself for since it was my first time riding in 2 different divisions!

Dressage was Friday morning. Raffy was first and she was veryyyy up. Any time she can see the cross country from dressage rings (at least when it’s kind of close), she gets a little distracted from boring flatwork! Our test was definitely not so bueno, but we’re improving lots at home and Twin was better so I’m just going to forget about the Copper dressage! We got a 38.2…which in open was near last. But, like I said I’m forgetting about it (:

Dawkins was after her and he was good! We had a great warmup with the assistant trainer, he was relaxed and swinging through his back. I felt pretty good riding into the ring! Obviously, our test wasn’t perfect, and I definitely needed to push him on way more to get a more swinging fancy trot, but I was thrilled to have scored a 30.9! That was 5 points better than our best test up to then! I was in 4th in the Championship! And only 2 points out of first (:

Here’s the video of Dawkins (I only got Dawkins’ video at Copper)

I walked my course once on Friday, then looked it over again as I was going around the Prelim with my trainer (we rode a dirtbike around the course soooo it was fairly easy to do this). It looked great to me! I kept hearing how big it looked, which got me a little nervous but really, I was feeling pretty confident about the course.

Raffy was first out, which I’m always grateful for! She’s such a blast on cross country, and at Training level is very easy and straightforward : keep leg, don’t let her run off and leave strides out (which she sometimes gets very excited and starts doing), and other than that just get her ears between the flags and don’t let your arms get ripped out (: Seriously though, she is so much fun and I’m so lucky to be able to be riding her! She was GREAT although was a little weird out of the box and basically leaped up and down all the way to fence 1? Haha I was getting comments all day on how funny she was to fence 1. She just popped around the course like it was nothing. Kinda wishing I got her video now!!

Then Dawkins! He started out the warmup great by slamming on the brakes just coming around the turn to the natural the first time. Yayyyyyy…..luckily he got that out of his system in warmup! After that, he was a good boy and was jumping everything pretty well. We went out on course and he was awesome! A little sticky to fence 2 so I smacked him behind my leg on landing…it was my instructions, and I reallyyyy didn’t want a stop! After that he bolted off a bit and was quick all the way around. I didn’t really realize how fast we were going, other than wondering why we kept getting awful awkward jumps! Too fast…and too running. Plus, training jumps no longer back him off so I needed to be setting him up more before the fences. But now I know better! (twin was much smoother). He was seriously amazing to every jump though! The corner…haha well you’ll see, it’s the last jump in the video (they missed a few fences unfortunately…like the up bank one stride to a roll top! Sad that one didn’t get put in. And the last jump was missed as well). It was pretty ridiculous though! It was a spooky, weird, light wood corner which I hadn’t thought too much of since Raffy was so good to it…I did get him over it though!!! So Dawkins had 1.6 times (ahahaha I was fast 😛 ) but still moved up into third! I think Raffy was in 7th or so. jumping! my most dreaded phase now, lol. I rode Dawkins before Raffy (but way too close for my stress level haha!) He warmed up super well, not touching anything and we were getting pretty decent distances to everything. Rails were falling like CRAZY! Luckily, Dawkins is spooky enough to not want to touch rails (normally…). He was so good! It wasn’t exactly pretty, but he jumped around and was double clean! The person in 2nd had a rail, so we moved up to finish in 2nd at the Area Championships!!! I was so thrilled, I can’t even tell you! He was so good, and has grown up so much lately. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on him like I was considering earlier this year.

After awards, I rushed over and threw Dawkins in his stall, tacked up Raffy as quickly as I could and got on and warmed up. She was jumping really well in warmup! I learned my new course as quickly as I could and went in. She was the best she’s ever been in show jumping! We were a little underpowered for the first few, and barelyyyy hit the out of the one stride and it came down 😦 I didn’t even realize we had it down until I heard we had 4 jump faults…I was sure we had jumped clean lol.  But no complaints, since she was soooo good! We actually managed to move up into 4th in Open Training (1st place Jr, haha!) Good girl Raffy!

So I was superrrr thrilled with my ponies at Copper!!!

Tomorrow…is my first Prelim. Ahhhh I’m scared to even write it, I’m so nervous! it’s just a schooling 1 day (but at a recognized place) and I’m excited but sooooooo unbelievably nervous. Today I had a not so great jump school on Dawkins (very good on Raffy though) so I’m feeling good about Raffy overall (her trot is also muchhhhh easier to sit) but super nervous about Dawkins and just really nervous over all! I’ll be back with an update tomorrow or Monday…hopefully a good one!

Thanks for reading!!!

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