Posted by: eventer4life | September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Wow…again long time no post! I suck!

Quick updates-

I competed both horses at Woodside in Training!

Dressage day was not my day. I rode Raffy without spurs, which was a big mistake. She was behind my leg the whole test, and I was unable to collect her canter after the medium or even MAKE her canter once! We got a 33.6, which put us in 6th I think. Dawkins felt great! Very spooky but it was an accurate test, and he was pretty consistent. However, he got a 36.8 😦 He was in 11th.

I walked the cross country, and while it looked like definitely one of the harder trainings I’ve ridden, very doable! There were lots of combinations on the course, and I think a lot of the tables were maxed Training.

I went out first on Raffy and she was very good! She was pretty sticky on course, especially at the start, and we had an issue at the ditch…you can see it on the  video.

Luckily, with a little encouragement she did jump the ditch and went around everything well. optimum was 5:20, and I came in at 4:33 (: There was a lot of room to GO including a long stretch from 9 to 10 where I really got going. Unfortunately I forgot that I was tied for 6th and lost the tie by being way fast.

Then I went out on Dawkins. After riding Raffy around, I knew I’d have to ride him very tough! He can be extremely spooky and that’s been our issue all along. But he was GREAT. Very spooky at 7 (the log to the ramp), but soooo good! I took it pretty slow with him going through the combinations, so our time was 4:47…haha that was the OT optimum, at 470 mpm. Weirdly enough (never thought I’d say this!) right now, I’d feel more comfortable riding him around a Preliminary event than Raffy! While Raffy will ALWAYS jump, she gets so anxious sometimes and just wants to pick a fight because of the anxiety. Dawkins however, just wants me to be there for him and doesn’t have the baggage Raffy has. Either way, they’re both awesome!

Here’s Dawkins XC video-

So I was sitting in 7th and 11th after cross country.

Show jumping was Sunday morning, and was a bit stressful for me! Since both horses were in the same division and they were running in reverse order, I could only get them to put 8 horses between my two. So I got on Dawkins first, and went at 8 am. He was fantastic! I was nervous about the blue jumps at 1 & 2 after a barnmate of mine as well as many other novice riders were eliminated there! But I rode him tough enough that he jumped them quite willingly (: Definitely my best show jumping on him as well, even with a few mistakes (uh…10a? haha). And he was double clean!

Dawkins SJ-

Luckily one of my friends (a fellow working student for my trainer) offered to get Raffy ready and bring her down for me! You can see Raffy in the background on Dawkins video, lol, in the blue cooler! So I threw my saddle on Raffy and after a bridle mishap was ready to go! She warmed up really well, but unfortunately I had 2 rails :(This time I definitely know what I did wrong, so maybe we’ll be able to get that down to 1/0 by the next show and clean at Twin!

Raffy SJ-

So I finished in 7th and 11th! 7th on Dawkins, so he got a pretty purple ribbon (:

I was so happy with the weekend, and a little shocked I got through my first show with 2 horses!

My next show (this weekend) is Copper Meadows, where I’m doing the Training Championship on Dawkins and Training on Raffy! I’m excited! We are then doing Twin Rivers, both at Training again. I’ll try to update after Copper!


Accepting my ribbon...for Dawkins, on Raffy! They kinda look similar...right?

McCool photography-Raffy in show jump! Pretty girl (:

Raffy in XC warmup

Raffy in XC Warmup

A slightly awkward, random photo of Dawkins in his stall

Dawkins in XC Warmup

McCool photography- Dawkins on course!

Thanks for reading!

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