Posted by: eventer4life | July 4, 2011

July 3, 2011

Wow it’s been a LONG time!! And an incredible amount has changed since my last post.

First things first, I never went Prelim on Dru unfortunately, and never will. He was entered Prelim at a few events while we tried to get him sound, but his arthritis had finally caught up to him when he was in steady work, and we could never get him sound enough. We ended up (on our vet’s recommendation) sending him back to his owner, so he can just hang out in a field with no pressure to be in hard work. I’m hoping he’s happy, because I truly, absolutely love that horse and I miss him like crazy.

But, just as Dru stepped out of my life, Dawkins really stepped up to be a good pony for me! I took him Novice at Twin which was a bit of a disaster, then Novice at Galway which was GREAT, and if not for a minor brain lapse on my part, we would have won! We got a 32 on the flat with a decent test, then had a rail in show jumping when I jumped the second to last jump which I was CONVINCED was the last jump, and cantered around for a moment looking for the finish flags, then realized OH there’s a jump 10, and veered over to it at the last second. He pulled the rail but was a very good boy overall. We were in Open Novice, so that rail dropped us even farther than it would have in another Novice! We were then double clear on cross country which went VERY well and was quite easy, I was thrilled! We finished in 8th, but would have been first had I not had the rail! Oh well though, it was a great event overall and I was thrilled with him. After that, we decided he was ready to move back up to Training at Woodside! Because of EHV, we ended up scratching and decided to go to Shepherd instead. Shepherd went quite well for our first Training back! Dressage was alright, my trot work was generally decent although my lengthenings were not so good. The canter was VERY tense and was why we didn’t do as well as I had hoped. We ended up with a 37.7, which had us in I think 17th in Open Training?

I was quite nervous about cross country, but the course looked great! Not an easy give away course, but not impossibly hard! Some of the questions looked a little tough for training, like a log one stride to a bank, but rode great overall. My course was actually pretty good I think! I was definitely pulling more than I should have been, but I can tell in my video that I was at least suppling him for parts of it, and I could get him back for most everything. We did have a stop at the log to the bank. As I was galloping up the hill to it (there was a little hill up, then a sharp (ish) turn to the log), I was having a hard time getting my reins back. I was literally galloping along going “Ughhhhh why have I not put rubber reins on this bridle? Why can’t I keep a hold of them?!”, so I came up to the turn with my reins too long and ended up rushing through and ripping him around the turn too quickly, so he didn’t see the fence until the last minute and stopped. I hit him and we went great the second time. I definitely need some major work on my position down down banks though!!!

Here’s my cross country video! Feel free to comment with comments/critiques! I welcome any fresh eyes on my riding! (:

Show jumping was also better than ever! The course looked great to me when I watched Preliminary jumping, and then great when I walked it. Dawkins was jumping well in warm up and I was excited and ready to go! He was spooking a lot when we went in but jumping! The 2nd-3rd jumps were on a bit of a bending line, and I kicked a bit much, and then took back a little much so he didn’t jump the 3rd very well. I then kicked to get him back in front of my leg so we didn’t get to the 4th very well and had the rail down. As we came to the next line I didn’t really see a spot and was worrying about pulling another when I realized that as long as I sat tall and kept my leg on, and he went, he would NOT have another rail down…pony doesn’t much like pulling rails! So the rest of the course went well, and we just had the one rail. While the results did not reflect what a good weekend I had, it really was a great weekend for me! He was so much better than he has ever been, and I am still (a week later) obsessing over how great that cross country round was. I am so happy with him!

So after that, my plan was to take him to the Training 3 Day at Rebecca Farm! I have always wanted to do a long format event, so I wanted to jump on the chance to do one, even just at Training level. Of course the stars were not aligned and Dawkins decided to get his legs stuck somewhere, so they are scratched and ballooned! He’s already pretty much fine, but had enough time off for us not to want to push it fitness wise or being ready wise! I’m glad that I won’t be pushing for it either, I don’t want to make it a bad experience for him. Maybe at the end of the year or next year though!

And now the most exciting news of all!!!!

I got a new lease pony!!!!! I’m not going to say anything about her until after our first show so I’m sure she’ll work out, but she’s fantastic right now!!! I did my first jump school yesterday, and after some struggling, got way better and she was so much fun to jump!!! I’m hopefully going to a jumper show and a CT with her this week, and then we’re headed up to Rebecca Farm!!! So we’ll see how it goes, but I’m really loving her and am so excited to see how it goes as I get more used to her!

Hopefully I’ll post more often….thanks for reading!

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