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March 2011 Galway Downs CIC & HT

A little (lot) late, here’s my recap of the March 2011 Galway Downs CIC and Horse Trials!

I ended up going Training level instead of Prelim on Dru since earlier that week he was acting like he was considering blowing an abscess out. He had a few days off to see, and ended up being fine but we didn’t want me to have to go run my first Prelim on a couple days off!

On Monday night, one of the other working students and I drove down to Galway to set up stalls. We spent a couple hours spreading shavings, putting water buckets in, hanging stall guards, etc.

On Tuesday, I took a horse up to 3 Day Ranch for someone else to school and dropped Dru off on the way. By the time I got back to Galway with the other horse, the rest of the horses had gotten to Galway. We unpacked the trailer and got everything organized and put together. It took a while but looked amazing, our barn aisle has got to be the best looking in Area 6 (:

I gave Dru Tuesday off, but gave him a long hand walk to keep him moving around and keep him from getting stiff and stocked up. He is the best horse to handwalk (ok…2nd best. I have an extra super favorite pony…who’s perfect in every way.), even on multiple days off he’ll walk around with the lead rope over his neck, just following me everywhere. Gotta love him.

Wednesday I took him for a long tackwalk around Galway. We didn’t want to push him! He was super well behaved and only mildly spooky (and spooky in the Warmblood-y way-high blow and walk bigger ❤ )

Thursday I rode him for real! He was super good! Perfect, really! I was excited and ready to go out and do well in our final Training level! Thursday was also jogs for the CICs at Galway. We had 5 horses in the barn (3 ridden by my trainer) in FEI events, so we had some pressure on Thursday to get them all looking perfect! And they did. (especially the 3* horse that I got control of…he looked freaking fantastic, if I say so myself…). All of our horses passed jogs with no problems!

Friday was dressage for horse trial horses, and dressage and show jump for FEI. So another stressful day! FEI dressage was in the morning, so it was quite an early morning! But of course, all our horses looked amazing and did quite well. Show jumping also went very well, better than dressage! I was lucky enough to watch almost all of the 3* show jumping, and there were some amazing horses (mine being the best of course…haha.)! I was so happy to get a chance to watch it. Then was my dressage! I got into warm up and heard I only had 1 horse before I went. Not sure what happened there, but it ended up fine. I had a GREAT warmup, but ended up being quite conservative (bad brigit!) in my test which ended up giving me a lotttt of 6s. I also had a lovely moment of trotting across the diagonal in a pretty dang good lengthening and then….realizing I had absolutely no idea where to go! This is why after you spend 2 weeks perfecting Prelim A you MUST at least look over Training A…I had a moment of “clarity” and walked…before realizing I had to be doing a stretch trot. I picked that up and it was somewhat awful :/ Oh well! That + an error + how much worse I got after that=not my best test (although I still would have scored better than 3 day if I hadn’t had the error). I scored a 35.something which put me in 6th? I think. Funny story. A girl came up to me after my test and said that my test was GORGEOUS, and she had felt so good about her test until she saw mine. Well…she beat me and ended up in first. Haha.

Saturday was the best day of the weekend for everyone but me! Training went cross country on Sunday while everyone else went Saturday :(. But it was worth it to not have to worry about walking my course while watching the upper levels! I spent most of the day either in the vet box or tacking up. All of our horses were freaking FANTASTIC on Saturday!!! I show jumped on Saturday, and had a moment of panic walking down to the ring when I realized a) I didn’t walk my course! and b) I wouldn’t have time to warm up. Poor planning on my part, but luckily it worked out in the end. The Training level course was the same as the 3* course, so after a quick reminder I was able to canter on in and jump around double clean! That moved me up (I think) to 4th.

Saturday night was significantly less stressful than any other FEI event has ever been, since the event was over! Horses were all iced, wrapped, and SOUND but there was no pressure of jogs in the morning, which was a nice change (:

I “walked” my course on Saturday night (our course walk was in a golf cart..), and then went out Sunday morning. Again I didn’t get a chance to warm up but although I was kicking Dru off the ground for a few fences, it went amazing! Everything looked incredibly small and simple and rode that way as well. While I do wish I could have gone Prelim, I now know for sure I need to move up on this horse! It’s too easy! I (easily) went double clean, and was one of the fastest in my division after cantering-in-place the last few fences to avoid time faults (: Can’t wait to move up!

I finished in 3rd on my dressage score, and won a gorgeous leather halter (: Thank you Sonoma Saddlery!

My next event is Twin Rivers next weekend. Dru has had a few days off lately (he really did abscess…luckily he waited until after Galway!), so rather than taking him I will be taking Dawkins Novice. I flatted him the last two days, jumped him today, and am taking him schooling tomorrow! He has been EXTREMELY good, so hopefully this will go well!

Thanks for reading!

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