Posted by: eventer4life | March 11, 2011

Twin Rivers Horse Trials!

Hey guys!

So obviously it’s been a while since I last wrote anything on here! But I’m back and I’ll attempt to keep up on this for a while…hopefully there’s still a couple who remember me 🙂

Quick update-I went to my barn in Seattle February 5th, had some great lessons with my trainer there, jumped some awesome 3’6″ courses with my perfect pony, and then drove down to California March 2nd (I think?). We drove 20 hours straight, leaving at 3 am! I’ve never driven that far in one go but it actually wasn’t too bad and made the 7 hour drive from the show down to the barn I’ll be at for the near future much more manageable (:

As I mentioned, we went down for the first show of the season and my first show with Dru! At Twin Rivers Ranch in Paso Robles, CA (: I had never been there before and, as with every other facility I’ve been to in California so far, found it gorgeous and absolutely loved it and the course (: I just went Novice since it was my first show with Dru and his first show since he won the CIC* at Twin in September 2009! As you can imagine, he was pretty pumped to be out again!

We got to Paso at 11 pm ish on Wednesday night, then I rode Dru on the flat the next morning. He was really good! A little up considering the rings are out in the xc field, pretty much, but good! It was my first “lesson” with my new trainer and it went really well! I gave him a bath and put him away, then spent the rest of the day helping my trainer. On Friday I rode dressage in the morning. I realized as I was braiding that I had kind of forgotten to braid over the winter…whoops…They ended up looking alright overall but I was a little embarrassed and glad I only had to braid my own horse and none of my trainers!

I got on to warm up, and found out the ring my trainer was riding Dawkins in was running really far behind so she wouldn’t be able to get over in time to help me (or if she could it would be 5 minutes of warm up). Luckily my trainer from Seattle flew down for the event so she came to my rescue and warmed me up (: For the first time ever I wasn’t horribly nervous in dressage warm up. I had a pretty good warm up and went into the ring and managed to pretty much stay the same, for the first time ever!!! Dru was steady and calm in the test. My only gigantic horrible mistake was I picked up the wrong lead once…I felt so stupid for that!!! And then I managed to memorize the test wrong and halt at X instead of G. After I halted the judge said to me “You halted early…it was supposed to be at G. Luckily you got an 8 on it. Well done.” I felt like a bit of an idiot but still walked out of the ring happy with myself and Dru! And with another first time ever moment, my trainer came up to me and said it was really good and gave me a high 5. That’s a first coming out of dressage!!!

I found out later i had gotten a 32.6 (with the error, so a 30.6 if i hadn’t been an idiot). That had me tied for 3rd in a division of 22! The test was quite complimentary of Dru and myself too…we even got a 9! And some really nice comments (:

I speed walked my cross country and show jump courses on Friday night…both looked more than manageable and quite small…I liked that feeling haha (: XC looked quite open and straightforward…a half coffin, a few bending lines, 2 water crossings…all simple though. I had issues memorizing my show jump course for some reason, but it didn’t look tricky in the slightest! Just couldn’t get it in my brain!

On Saturday I show jumped in the morning. My warm up was a little crazy! Again I was warmed up by my trainer from Seattle which was actually really nice…since she knows Dru and I really well (: Dru was SO crazy (for him) in warm up! Show jump warm up is basically IN cross country and Dru was looking for the start box! He was leaping around and chucking his head around and DID NOT want to trot. I spent like half an hour walking around the warm up trying to calm him down. He got really manageable in his craziness after a while though. He wasn’t being bad, just excited to be out again! We went into the ring and he behaved himself! He was definitely eyeing the cross country jumps outside the ring but jumped everything fine. We left out a stride to the final oxer but cleared it fine of course (: He was so confused when I untacked him after that…did not understand why we weren’t going out to the startbox!

After show jumping we were tied for 2nd!

Cross country was Sunday morning (I got so lucky to be able to ride early every day…my 3 day times are early too which I’m happy about!). Dru was MUCH calmer in warm up Sunday than he was Saturday. I was so excited to go out…which has never happened before! I was about to go out and realized that this was the first time I had ever not felt like I was going to throw up or pass out in warm up haha.

I had planned to go out on course slow and try to break the tie but ended up just having fun and letting him gallop however he wanted…which ended up being quite fast! I’ve never ridden a horse that can gallop like he can!

He was SO happy to be out that I basically just stayed in two point and he galloped and jumped anything I pointed him at. He was always looking for what the “real” question was, and by the end of the course wouldn’t even come back very easily for the 4 stride bending houses because he thought it was too simple to need to slow down…which of course it was for him! I looked at my watch at where we guessed halfway was (I don’t wheel courses at N/T…probably won’t for anything except FEI and maybe I/A if I ever get there!) and I was at 3:15 when I should have been at 2…whoops! I slowed down a lot there but let him gallop again a little while after (: I was just having too much fun and so was he! We were about a minute too fast 2 jumps from home so I MAJORLY slowed down and basically cantered in place over the last couple fences and finished right at 4 minutes…speed fault time 😛 So we just barely went double clear! I was expecting to get 3rd (or have gotten speed faults and dropped down) but the girl I was tied with had a stop so I finished in second (:

It was seriously the most fun I’ve had yet on cross country…I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun this horse will be at Preliminary if he’s this much fun at Novice! I’m so excited for the rest of the show season and so happy that I’m lucky enough to get to ride him!!!

My next event is in a week at 3 Day Ranch, we’re going Training! (oh…side note! Apparently my CA trainer was like…they’re moving up right?? This is way too easy for both of them! :D) I had my first real lesson on the flat down here yesterday and well…my flat is going to be a thousand times better soon! I never realized how incorrect I am!

So anyways, Twin was an awesome event!!! I’ll try to update later with pictures and video if I can dig any up (:
Thanks for reading!!!

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