Posted by: eventer4life | December 21, 2010

Blog theme?

I’m messing around with it because I want to change my header to a picture of one of my horses! And none of the headers are working for me…I think I’m gonna leave it like this just because I’m going to go crazy!!

Any comments/ideas on what themes might work for me? I know Grey Brook Eventing (on blogspot, not wordpress) can have a full picture as her header…any themes anyone knows of on wordpress like that?

And now my favorite picture of Dawkins ever :] I got it framed 8 x 10 and it will be hanging on my wall!! I love it so much!!


Gorgeous boy ❤ On XC at Galway...he loves his job!




  1. I have never played in WordPress so I can’t help but I wanted to say what a fabulous picture that is!!

    • Thank you! I’m in love with that picture (:

  2. do you have a costco by you? If you do, google like photo center costco and you can upload that picture of Dawkins and make it into a blanket for like $30! You can get a bunch of other stuff too for way cheap. I have 2 16×20″ pictures of Brodie and I in my room (:

    • omg! I did not know that!!! That’s so awesome! We have a Costco in MT where I live!! Totallyyyyy doing that!!!! 🙂

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