Posted by: eventer4life | December 21, 2010

2011 Goals

Hi everyone!

So, I wanted to put some goals up for 2011 :] I’m not going to do any competition level related goals, just because it’s all so up in the air what I’ll be doing…I have no idea so I don’t want to guess and have my possibly very wrong guesses recorded forever on the internet :p

So, my un-level related goals are:

-Post on a regular basis, even if it’s just 2 sentences at the end of every day! I want to aim for at least 3 posts a week, I’ll try for 6-7 though :] They might be short but I’ll try!

-Perfect my braiding skills!

-Reduce my braiding time for 1 1/2 hours to…30 minutes maybe?

-Improve my dressage overall

-Stay present at competitions, so that my riding can stay near the level it is at home

-Start riding Dawkins again, even if it’s just a few lessons at the end of the year

-Stop relying so much on my hand

-Keep my rhythm to the base of fences

-Stop panicking and pulling back on the approach to fences


-Get more video/pictures of my riding…even if I just see if I can buy more show videos 😛

-Break in my dressage saddle? haha

I might be updating these, but yeah! Those are my goals for next year :] Hopefully by this time next year I’ll be able to say that I followed through on all of these goals, and at least tried to complete everything even if I couldn’t.

I’m not going to continue posting much until i’m back with my horses and actually have something horse related to say…

Since I’ve done a year recap and goals, without actually seeing my horses I might start getting repetitive and boring 🙂 Although I did just organize my tack trunk…

Other than my release (which on JMR on Facebook, I was told my release is this way because my leg is so solid I've stopped relying on my hand and need to drop down to an auto release...) possibly the best picture of my eq yet!

Thanks for reading!

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