Posted by: eventer4life | December 19, 2010

2010 is (almost) over

Wow, it’s hard to believe there’s only 12 days left over 2010!

I still haven’t ridden my horses, and I’m still at home, but I wanted to write an “end of the year” post…before I forgot 🙂

So, this year has been an interesting year. I bought my first real event horse, I went to my first recognized event (that I finished, at least…I did one Novice last year with a different horse but we retired after the first XC fence…long story lol), competed my first “real” Training, rode at more shows this year than I’ve ridden at in probably my whole life combined, leased another unbelievable horse, trained with an Olympian, learned some amazing grooming tricks and just grooming…things (QUARTER MARKS!!!), went to my first out of area show, jumped my first Prelim XC jumps on both horses, and had the most amazing working student job ever!

This was definitely a more horse filled year than I’ve ever had before. I learned more than I ever imagined I could learn in just a few months.

I now know how to braid about 6 different ways, I know how to do quarter marks, I know how to drive a golf cart with a horse trotting alongside (lol…best thing ever), I can (kind of) drive a horse trailer, I can tack up a horse in 5 minutes and have him clean and actually decent looking, I can (sort of) clip a tail, I can pull a mane well (I used to do a reallyyyy bad job), plus about a million other things. I just know horses better. There’s a lot to be said for having the opportunity to ride 4-6 different horses every day. Although I still don’t do unbelievably well at shows, at home I think I’m a lot better at adjusting myself to the horse. I can now ride 6 different horses reasonably well (for the level I’m at…like I pretty much ride all horses at the same level I ride my own instead of dropping back a lot like I used to).

And of course there’s the experiences I got to have. I mean, I got to go pick up some of the 18 East Coast horses with Hawley at Montana and I sat next to Karen O’Conner in the back of Hawley’s truck…ummmm yeah I was freaking excited about that, not gonna lie! I got to ride a former 4* horse who taught me sosososo much. I rode in a few clinics with Buck Davidson and I think he actually remembers me now 🙂 Because of Dawkins probably, but hey, I’ll take it 🙂

Riding wise, I finally conquered my fear (I think…I hope) of trakehners at a 3 Day Ranch schooling on Dru. I jumped 2 corners on a 3 stride line without completely panicking and falling apart! My leg got SO much stronger and steadier that by Galway…I think my eq was looking pretty dang good! For me, at least 😛 For the first time I kept a steady rhythm through a show jump course at a show. I figured out how to keep myself from seeing a long spot, panicking, and kicking for the long and then completely screwing my horse up (thanks to Hawley!!!).

There’s so much more that I could say…this was the best year yet 🙂 Although my showing didn’t go quite as I had hoped, I think that having a trainer next year should help me out a little…and who cares about showing when you’ve learned more than you had ever imagined!!!

I can’t thank the people who helped me out this year enough :] Thank you for making this year the best year yet!!!

Hopefully 2011 will be just as great or even better!!

(I’m going to write a goals post soon :] )

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. What a great year for growth this has been Brigit. I am so proud of you. And can’t wait to see you in Naples. Let’s hope it is warm. Love and Merrry Christmas. Grandmom

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