Posted by: eventer4life | November 24, 2010

November 24, 2010

Obviously it’s been a really long time since I last wrote anything here! If there’s anyone out there who reads this…thank you! I’ll try to be better about at least getting a little something up on this once a week or so.

Right now I’m back at home in Montana, my horses are over in Washington where I was a working student and I’ll be heading over there in the next few weeks to keep working! They’ve been off since Galway, just hanging out and getting fuzzy and fat in their pastures 🙂

I’ve been riding a new horse, Dru, who I’m leasing for the near future! He’s awesome and a ton of fun. I did a Training CT with him at Galway-I waited so long to send in my entries that it was near impossible to get into Novice so I just did dressage and show jumping Training level- and I rode in the Buck clinic at Kingsway with him! He was fantastic for everything. Buck told me that he’s the perfect horse for me right now which was awesome to hear 🙂

I went schooling up at 3 Day Ranch with him twice, we schooled Novice-Prelim and he was awesome for everything…At one point Hawley set up a line similar to a line in the 1 star at Galway, with the bounce banks to an angled skinny. She had me jump down it and it felt SO GOOD. I just kept my leg on and my eye on the skinny and he popped right on down the banks and right over the skinny! Good boy!

We schooled the Prelim trakehner quite a few times since I have a “thing” about trakehners…I don’t know why-actually I do, but it’s a long story involving a ditchy horse who had never jumped a trakehner before and me falling off….haha.- so Hawley just wanted me to jump one above my level to prove that on this horse if I just keep my eyes up and my leg on, he’s going to go and it’s not a big deal. And yeah…she was right.

We found out that I also need to count my rhythm out loud up to the fences, because I have a tendency to see a long spot, panic, and gun my horse at it. But if I’m counting out loud I’m forced to maintain my rhythm. And then every time we find a good distance if I keep my leg on!

Ummmm, I don’t know what else to say about everything that happened…it’s been so long I don’t know where to start or what to tell you! So I’ll just move on to Galway 🙂

Dawkins did the OT with Hawley and was really good! He was cute and good in the dressage and got a 33.something (6?). In show jumping he randomly decided he was terrified of everything and it was going to eat him. Hawley rode him amazingly (obviously…she is Hawley!) and got him around with just 1 rail. He had the day off Saturday and had cross country Sunday morning. He was really really good xc! They went slow and got 4 time faults but it (from what I saw) looked quiet and obedient! He was so good! He finished in 9th because of the rail and the time but he was so good and so calm the whole weekend!

I rode my dressage on Dru Friday morning. My warm up was SO GOOD. Hawley warmed me up while riding one of her horses and I don’t know what it is that she had me do, exactly, but he felt so good! He was forward and stepping into the contact instead of curling like he has the tendency to do (with me). But, classic me, I went into the arena and I honestly can’t remember more than a few steps of my test. I pretty much black out…it’s not good. So, my test was a disaster. Thank god for Dru, he stayed quiet and put his head down-ish, we got a 40.9. So I was not happy with myself! But oh well, it’s just something I’ll have to work on. Stadium was at noon Friday. He was being quiet and good (love him…) in warm up. When I started jumping, the first time I came to the vertical, I panicked (?why, i don’t know…it was like maybe 3 foot) and took my leg off and leaned and he was like…stop?…um…ok. And stopped. But then I was like, ok let’s not be stupid! And it was all good for the rest of our warm up. Hawley had me keep counting my rhythm and riding my canter and we got almost all good distances, as long as I kept my leg on. I went in to stadium and just wanted to ride my canter and COUNT. I literally just counted 1, 2, 1, 2, the whole ride. But I kept the same steady rhythm the whole round, I had one sketch jump where I took my leg off and started to lean…felt him hesitate and tapped him on the shoulder with my crop and he went. But other than that it was steady, forward, and probably one of my best stadium rounds yet! Plus, I can remember more than 1 jump of it! Maybe I’m starting to figure out how to stay conscious in my stadium…hopefully that’ll continue to my xc and dressage soon. So I jumped double clear and moved up to 4th. xc would have been Sunday morning but I scratched because I had never planned on running the cross country, I just wanted to get out to a show and see how it went and since I couldn’t get into Novice didn’t want to push the xc.

Saturday morning I took my horses around Galway (riding Dru and ponying Dawkins…I’m getting pretty good and ponying on trots now!) and got to watch some of the Prelim xc which was fun! The horses didn’t get too excited until they saw my friend Calli cruising around with her mare Gwen…Gwen was VERY excited to be out and my horses got excited just watching her!

On Tuesday I drove back up to Washington. We drove 14 hours Tuesday and another 12 on Wednesday. We blew a tire out in the middle of nowhere in Washington with triple a three hours away, of course! But managed to get off i-5 and find another mechanic to change the tire.

And now they horses are happy getting time off…they’ll be back in work starting December 1st 🙂

Dru’s photos from Galway –

Dawkins’ photos-

Video of my stadium with Dru…Sorry it’s so far away, my mom filmed it on her phone and couldn’t zoom…you can kinda see though 🙂

Thanks for reading!


  1. Where in Washington are you a working student? We’re in Seattle, and just wondering if you were near us. 🙂

    • Redmond, so YES very close 🙂

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