Posted by: eventer4life | August 29, 2010

Caber Farm Report

From August 20-22, Caber Farm Horse Trials was held at the beautiful Caber Farm in Onalaska, Washington. The horse trials ran from Beginner Novice through Intermediate, with around 200 horses competing.
In the open Intermediate dressage on Friday, scores were surprisingly low. Suzy Elliott and Ogopogo were in first place with a 25.2, and even the highest score was just a 41.2. Many of the other divisions had low scores as well, but none as low as the Intermediate.
Also on Friday was the Beginner Novice cross country. There was only 1 fall in all of the BN divisions and a lot of double clear rounds. The course seemed to be riding very well and most of the riders were having a lot of fun!
Then on Saturday, cross country began at 8 am with the Novice divisions. In the Novice, not one person fell. The course was a very gallopy course for Novice and many riders enjoyed it! The course began with a simple log and the second jump was a brush fence with an option, which many riders took. The brush was large for Novice, and taking the option seemed to pay off for most of the riders with stops being rare at the option log.

The brush jumps, BN on the left, Novice on the right

Susan Presson and Sensational Scooby jump down the bank, on their way to a double clear round in Senior Novice A

Decked out in orange, Jonathan Dolelmier and Sir Maxximus cruise over the first log, also on their way to a double clear round in Senior Novice.

Next on Saturday was the Intermediate, beginning at noon. The Intermediate course was very, very well ridden with only 3 stops and no falls on the cross country course. However, time was a big factor with only 4 riders (Karen O’Neal on True Avenue, Maris Burns on Young Gun, Christa Draggie on Tula, and Devin Robel on Manxome) getting around double clear. And there was some fantastic riding on that course!

The Preliminary was also very well ridden! Considering that I heard many rumors about how hard the course is and how many riders fall, this was hugely different than
expected. Only 1 rider fell and the course rode well. There were some tricky combinations but the riders handled it well.

Florence Miller and Tuscan sun jump over the first jump in the water combination in Open Preliminary A.

Jocelyn Judd and Ideal de Chantepie jump neatly into the water in Open Preliminary A.

Tina Waters and LV Athlet Miraflores fly in Open Preliminary A.

In the Training divisions, there were a lot of time penalties. The course was a big, fun, gallopy course with a lot of room to get up to speed, but the speed was 470 mpm which is the fastest speed at Training in this area so far. Many riders at Training have been used to riding at 420-450 mpm all season so this was a bit trickier to make time. But the course was fun, with some questions that were harder than at some of the other Training events. There was a full coffin on a bending line, a few skinny-ish jumps, a corner that was getting closer to being an actual corner, and was just a really good end of the season course. It rode well for many people and moved placings around quite a bit! Sorry, no pictures since I was riding Training.

Then on Sunday was the show jumping. In the Intermediate, this was a HUGE factor, with many rails falling and many time penalties. But, Karen O’Neal and True Avenue came into show jumping in first place and jumped double clear to win their 3rd straight Intermediate, finishing on their dressage score. The Intermediate show jumping was so much fun to watch, the course was tricky and there was some amazing riding in that ring!

Devin Robel and Manxome.

Suzy Elliott and Ogopogo finished in 3rd.

Maris Burns and Young Gun finished in 2nd.

Karen O'Neal and True Avenue clear the last fence to jump a double clear round.

And finish in first place!

The course for the Intermediate, Preliminary, and Training divisions was a bit of a tricky course. Lots of rails fell in all divisions, but Ashley Colonel and Numero Uno and Erin McPherson and McFly both jumped clean to win Preliminary A and B.

Amstel and I, finishing 10th in Junior Training.

The Beginner Novice and Novice course in the other ring was well ridden, with rails few and far between. In all divisions, the winner jumped double clear to hang on to their overnight lead.

Florence Miller and Jamborandi, finishing 9th in Junior Novice

Overall, Caber Farm was a beautiful weekend of some great riding. The courses were fun and rode well. Thanks to the Camlins for an amazing event!

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