Posted by: eventer4life | August 12, 2010

August 12, 2010

Of course my internet hasn’t been working again. And now I’m on my way to Kalispell and forgot my computer. Genius, right? I’m typing this on my Droid so its muchhhh slower typing thaj normal! Drives me crazy!
My dressage lesson yesterday was fantastic. I’m not going going to write much detail since this is sooooo slow, sorry! But I worked a lot on connection and discovered that almost all of our problems are caused by him not being off my inside leg.when I get him over he’s so much better! We also did a lot of lengthenings which are much better now (:
Today I had a wild man! I would put my inside leg on in the trot and he’d take off into canter. I’d keep my leg on since he was just trying to avoid and he’d go faster, throw his head up, and gnash his teeth. Funnnnnn. He got a little better after a while though.
Now I’m on my way up to what should have been the buck Davidson clinic but turned into a lesson with Jil Walton since Buck couldn’t get out here because of weather. And it is NASTY out so that doesn’t surprise me. Major rain and wind, there’s lightning, and its super dark even though its only 8 o clock and usually isn’t dark for another 2 hours. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea….especially considering Dawkins will be living outside without a shelter and we have to ride outside….
Hopefully Jil will maybe get shelters for the horses? Doubt it though. Poor Dawkins, its really pouring now!

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