Posted by: eventer4life | August 10, 2010

August 10, 2010

I haven’t had internet for a few days and it’s a weird feeling for me, I must say! I posted my last post from my dad’s house but I don’t like not having internet. Luckily the internet randomly came back a few minutes ago…? I’m not complaining.

Yesterday I rode in the indoor in draw reins for a while and Dawkins was FANTASTIC. I always keep slack in my draw reins because I don’t want to depend fully on artificial training tools, so even if his amazing ness is partly due to the draw reins, I don’t think it’s all because of them!
I really tried to focus on not having him “cranked” to the left today, although I’m still not seeing where that was coming from since he really isn’t cranked to the outside? I was watching in the mirrors whenever we went down the long side and even when I was riding like always, not thinking about not cranking him left, he was straight. Occasionally if I half halt or get too heavy with my hands, he’ll resist and stiffen with his jaw and tilt his head a little left, but that’s pretty rare. He was super good, really steady in my outside rein, only a few head straight up-throwing around tantrums, and relaxed. We’re still having major difficulties with canter transitions although I’m hoping today might have made at least a little difference…who knows. Then after I rode I took him out onto the road. I decided I would trot to the top then walk down. Of course, halfway up I got really nervous about hurting him and worried about that for…well, since then haha. But he’s sound, and I’m just going to take him on the road for walk hacks with maybe a teeny bit of trotting for the next few weeks until I leave!

Today I rode without the draw reins, since obviously I don’t want to overdo it with them! I’m going to try to ride with them once a week, no more unless he’s being horrible. He was pretty good again, although I’m trying to decide if he’s actually round and being super good or just “posing”…guess I’ll find out tomorrow! I have a dressage lesson, I’ll post about that tomorrow night.

If the internet is still working tomorrow…who knows, though. Might go down to somewhere with free wireless if it stops working so I can get something up!

Or possibly…try to post from my new Droid. But that could be a disaster 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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