Posted by: eventer4life | August 8, 2010

July Goals Recap and August goals

First I’ll talk about what I did with Dawkins today and then July goals recap! I’ve been putting it off since i know I didn’t get anywhere close to a lot of them, but I decided I needed to get around to it. I also found out my dad got my stadium round on tape, so I’ll post that!

Today I took Dawkins out for a long hand walk. I usually take him down a little side road type thing between my barn and the barn next door (ish, it’s pretty far away but a direct line) but today I walked him down that and then realized I had only been out for 5 minutes. So I decided to walk up the road which I never do! There’s a HUGE long hill at the end, too bad it’s so hard or I’d start doing gallop sets on the road! It’s not paved but it’s really hard packed 😦 He behaved himself well. He’s been getting a little full of himself when I walk him in new places but he was good today.Then I let him graze for 15 minutes which made him happy (:

Now goals recap.

I also have Whidbey goals, I forgot I did those!

Whidbey Island-

1)Dressage score in the 30s-anywhere in the 30s! Even 39.9 is improvement (:-YES!!! We got a 35 and haven’t gone into the 40s since Inavale. I’m going to attribute that score to Leigh 100%, without her warm up we probably would have been in the 40s.

2)Have calm, consistent rides on the flat-No, my ride on Thursday night was horrible! And my warm up was not so bueno until Leigh showed up. (THANK YOU!!)

3)Go double clear XC-the speed is slower (420 mpm instead of 450) so it should be no problem.-Speed was not a problem, but we had a stupid stop which is still being counted as 2…and nothing will be changed…I still don’t get it! It was posted as 1 at the event then went up to 2 online after the event and won’t be changed. Grrrrrrr

4)Have a calm double clear stadium round-No we pulled a rail because of our crash, my nerves, and both of us being a little frazzled.

5)Tight turns, deep spots, add as much as possible! In stadium-Tight turns kind of. Deep spots…I think so? Adding, I think we mostly did as well. But I can’t remember clearly and we didn’t get video.

6)Quiet, good trailering behavior and stall behavior-Mmmhmmm he was good.


1)Have no stops at competition-Grrrr. No. I’m so pissed about this.

2)Continue taking 1-2 Dressage lessons per week-Nope that didn’t really happen either…they dropped off without my even realizing it, really.

3)Start taking lessons with Jil Walton-if that happens in August it’s okay because I’m spending the week of Rebecca Farm with Hawley!-Nope and it probably won’t happen but it’s all good (: I rode with Hawley at Rebecca and I’ll be riding in the Buck Davidson clinic next weekend, then going to Leigh’s pretty soon after that. Next year!

4)Have top 10 placings at both July events-Haha definitely NOT.

5)Continue to improve connection-Almost. We had it in Rebecca warm up and were getting it at Whidbey, but it fell apart in the show ring both times. For sure at the mini event although that’s August (:

6)Improve stretchy trot-Yes! It’s very inconsistent but I got 7s both events I think!

7)Get a 7 on rider-Mmmhmmm at both! Weirdly enough I didn’t get one at the mini event, but I’m just going to throw that score away because I don’t completely believe it after a)watching the video b)reading the test and c)comparing it to my Whidbey test video (35).

August goals

1)Go double clear XC at both events, the mini event and Caber Farm

2)Go double clear stadium at Caber Farm.

3)Continue to lower my dressage score…35 or under? I think that’s what we deserved for this test for sure.

4)Become more consistent on the flat

5)Keep loading as well as he has been! He hopped right in the trailer with minimal encouragement for both the schooling and the event.

6)Find a new, thicker loose ring snaffle for flat on Dawkins. I’m using a Kangaroo bit right now and Hawley thinks that’s a little too thin so I need to find a thicker one…which could be difficult since there isn’t a tack store in town lol. But I’m going to try!

7)Do well in the Buck Davidson clinic meaning

-No pulled rails

-No insanity

-No stops

-Jump the bank on the first try

-Just…be good!

And finally, my stadium round. And a cross country almost-fall.

I was bored so I put some of the clips to music

I almost fell off. Again.


Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey, Brigit. Great work. I am really enjoying reading about all the hard work you and Dawkins are doing. And I thought you looked great in the video. Love you lots. Grandmom

  2. Okay, first of all, I promise I’m not a creeper or anything. I just like offering advice or encouragement because I’m in such a similar situation to you! I didn’t think the cross country clip or showjumping round was as horrid as you described it! The first part looked pretty good then it looked like he got a bit strong. He was kind of cute in the water! Almost falling off isn’t fun, ha. But his eyes locked onto the bank and jump, and he was “I got it Mom!”. I definitely see what you mean when you say he can get a bit distracted/fussy looking in between fences. Have you ever tried a single bridge or does he still start tossing his head around?

    You could start walk hacking and/or a tiny bit of trotting up and down the road to strengthen his tendons and ligaments.

    • I like the advice! Thank you!!! Definitely not a creeper πŸ™‚ He definitely got a little strong out on cross country, and I’m pretty sure my trying to get him to gallop through the grass to save time pissed him off even more….haha. Yup he just locked right on to it, thank god! If he hadn’t been the way he is about jumping we would NOT have made it out of that water πŸ™‚ I haven’t tried a single bridge but I’m definitely going to have to try that! I never even thought about it! Next time I jump (hopefully BEFORE the next show, aha) I’m going to see what happens!
      I’m going to start that for the next few weeks until I leave! Yesterday I took him for a trot up the road on the gravel parts and felt so nervous about it, I’ll definitely be walking with just a little trotting from now on πŸ™‚
      And I’m adding your blog to my blogroll because I kind of love it, just fyi πŸ™‚

      • Haha, okay good! And yay! That makes me happy. I never really know if my blog is understandable or actually interesting to other people.

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