Posted by: eventer4life | August 7, 2010

August 2010 Mini Event

The local mini event was today! I rode Training, and unfortunately had an 8:15 ride time which meant I got up at 4:30 this morning so I could get to the barn by 5:30. I fed Dawkins and groomed him while he ate, then lunged him with side reins for 20-ish minutes. Then my ride got there and I loaded Dawkins and we were off! I tacked up quickly once we got to the horse park and got dressed myself. I started out in my show coat but took it off a few minutes later since no one else was wearing theirs and I didn’t really feel like it…

Dawkins started out pretty good in warm up, not amazing but pretty good. Then as the warm up got more and more crowded he got worse and worse. Finally it was my turn to go (late) and as I started w/t around the arena, he suddenly got better. He was into my outside rein (which has happened…once?!?! ), round, bent, soft, and relaxed. I picked up the trot and he kept it. After quite a few laps around the outside of the arena, the bell rang and I trotted in. He was so good the whole test, I couldn’t believe it! He was so steady and soft for the majority of the test. He had a few random fits, one bad one over our first canter transition where he pinned his ears, kicked into the canter, and of course was on the wrong lead and wouldn’t change so I had to trot and attempt to canter again…funnnn. But it felt so good the rest of the test. Everything felt like it was RIGHT THERE. I don’t get that feeling too often! I asked him to stretch and although he was spooking, down he went. Not great, but he stretched. And our second lengthening…YES IT WAS A LENGTHENING. Not a huge gorgeous lengthening but his stride got longer and it was kind of amazing. I came out absolutely thrilled.

Then we had a small incident at a bridge that ended with a huge group of people trying to get him over it and then him leaping and landing on me…stained my brand new FITS breeches…grrrrr. :p

A while later I went to check scores and saw I got a 36.6 and was in 3rd. Let’s just say I was not happy with that, and didn’t feel I deserved that score. I’m going to leave it at that, but it’s what I’ve been obsessing over all day and probably will be obsessing over for a while.

Then soon after (much too soon after) I tacked up and got on for XC. I was the 4th rider but was the first one on by a lot…half hour I think!! I even beat the warm up jumps out there, lol. So I warmed him up the same way Leigh always warms me up since it’s been working! I warm up on the flat like I would for dressage, aiming for slow, round, relaxed work. Then I jump. I jump the littlest jump a few times, then the vertical. I halt after, walk off round, canter, jump the jump, halt, walk off round, canter, jump…etc. Then I do that with the oxer until he’s so bored out of his mind that he’s rideable! And it works! Before anyone else had even started jumping, Dawkins was lathered in sweat and RIDEABLE. So we walked and chilled for a while. XC ran close to 45 minutes late I think. When the person 2 before me went on course, I cantered the oxer and cantered away, then came back to a walk and walked over to the start box. He WOULD NOT walk but he had to! And then it took forever for us to be able to go so he just got really impatient.

And then we went out! This course is very friendly, quite small, and easy with a few exceptions. He jumped the first jump well, the second jump well, then LEAPED into the water. He launched even more than he usually does and I got jumped way out of the tack and was thisclose to going off in the water to the right. Luckily he was a good boy and since I had him on a reasonably straight line he jumped out although I had no reins and jumped over the jump after even though I still didn’t have my reins. I got my reins and galloped to the next jump which he spooked at but did jump. The next jump was the dreaded water ditch. Before my course I was SO nervous. I don’t really get nervous, but I honestly thought I was going to throw up I was so nervous. Ahhh! He started to spook and threaten to stop so I yelled at him and he jumped it. He jumped the next fence and then jumped the trakehner really well. There are a VERY limited number of horses in this state that will jump this trakehner and lucky me, I have one of them! He popped down the down banks although he threatened to stop and jumped the ditch very very well. A few jumps later was the bank. He almost stopped and crawled up the bank and then crawled over the jump on top and LAUNCHED off. The rest of the course went well, I was 15 ish seconds under time, and I went double clean!

He cooled off really fast and I walked him for like 20 minutes, watched my friend (I don’t know how to link but her blog is haha) go cross country. Her little green bean mare did very well (: Then I rushed over to the trailer, threw my tack back on and wandered over to the jump ring. I was a little early since the ring was running late. I watched the Intermediate rider show jump and then went over to warm up. He was pretty much still warmed up from cross country so I just trotted a little, cantered a little, then jumped the cross rail, vertical, and then the oxer. But silly me, I didn’t realize they hadn’t put the oxer down from Intermediate warm up so I accidentally jumped a 3’9″ oxer …3? times I think. It felt like nothing and looked like nothing until the Training riders came over and were like ‘can someone put the oxer down! it’s huge!” I was like…”really????” I put it down and 3’3″ looked pretty small (: I then walked over and watched some rides until it was almost my turn to go in. I went over to warm up to pop over the oxer to wake him up. As I picked up my canter, a Novice rider cantered up to the cross rail, her horse stopped and she flipped over his head and started sobbing. So obviously, I felt a little awkward jumping…So I took him in cold and hoped it would go well. And it did! He was spooky but he was really good. I rode TERRIBLY though. I was either running him in to the base and hanging on his mouth or leaning and kicking him at the long. It was a disaster. He managed to pull only one rail. I was not happy with myself, but I was happy with him especially considered we haven’t seen a show jump since Whidbey.

I finished in 2nd, and I’m not happy with myself.

I’ll have my dressage test up tomorrow morning, if I remember.

EDIT- Here it is (:

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