Posted by: eventer4life | August 4, 2010

August 4, 2010

Today I went cross country schooling at the local course! It’s not the best, biggest, scariest course but it does the job (: My dressage trainer gave me a ride up and brought her new 5 year old out because he’s never been anywhere but where he used to live and our barn. He was so good! Dawkins on the other hand…

So he loaded really well compared to how he normally loads. The trailer that he was in today is a straight load instead of a slant, maybe that’s it? I don’t know…but he hopped in pretty easily, he backed out once but went back in and then behaved himself. He didn’t bang like he normally does either…kinda weird.

Then we got there and he LEAPED off the ramp. That was also weird. And then he went INSANE. He was practically running around me, WOULD NOT stand, kept gnashing his teeth, and he kept shaking his head in that crazy I’m-going-to-go-insane kinda way. So we decided I should lunge him before I got on, aha. We couldn’t figure out how to get his bridle on without him taking off so finally we took the other horse’s halter-which was much bigger-, put it over Dawkins’ halter, took off Dawkins’ halter, then put the bridle over the halter and took the halter off. It was complicated and confusing but it worked! Then, of course, we didn’t bring a lunge line. So we tied two lead lines together. That worked too! He was way calmer once he got going so I decided I’d just get on and see how it went. Of course,that was easier said than done. It was almost impossible to get his saddle on, and I’m pretty sure it ended up a little crooked and a little too far back. But it got on, and he didn’t freak out when I got on so it couldn’t have been too bad. I managed to get on even though he was moving a little and then we just walkeddddd. A lot. We walked around the course because they reversed it since I rode in last so I wanted to know where I was going for the event. And he started to calm down.

We got to the bank and he started spooking at it a ton. Oh, let me describe the bank. So, it’s rectangular with a jump on top. The edges after the jump are ramped instead of like a bank for bn. So I walked him up and down the ramp and then popped him off the bank a couple times. He wasn’t too sure about that…but he went. Then I jumped him up the Novice bank (up, 1 stride across, down) and he was good again. Even though he bucked massively after he jumped off. Crazy.

Then we went over to the big mound on the course, with a jump on top for Training. He thought about stopping at it but ended up jumping it from a walk since it’s a bn jump (: I did that twice and then walked around the rest of the course and jumped a couple Novice jumps and 1? Training. Then we did the water which he was really good about.

And then we went to the jumps that scare the s*** out of most people here…the drainage ditch and the trakehner. For whatever reason, the trakehner scares most horses. Even horses that normally have no problem with trakehners have stopped at this trakehner. And the drainage ditch is…well, it’s a drainage ditch. So there’s water running (FAST) through it and it’s scary! Dawkins stopped at the water ditch but after some encouragement, LEAPED over it a couple times. Then we went to the next jump. I didn’t check around that jump for holes before I jumped it so when I went to it I was so nervous about jumping in a hole that I didn’t really ride it. So he stopped, I checked for holes, there were none, so I went back around and he jumped it fine. Then he popped over the trakehner without a second thought, leaped down the double down banks, jumped the coffin like it was no problem (it’s a 2 or 3 to a 3 so it’s a lot easier than the one we almost died at at Whidbey) and then did the Training bank really well. Then I walked through the water some more and then just wandered around the park with my trainer and then we left.

But, of course, it wasn’t that easy. We had a flat. So we tried to change it but two of the lug nuts were so tight and just stripped enough that they were impossible to get off. So we couldn’t change it. We had to go to the tire place and they changed it and fixed it for us (: So that was another hour (more?).

Then we got back to the barn no problem and I turned Dawkins out.

So the event is Saturday! It might be a complete and utter disaster but oh well! I’m helping set up the jumps for stadium tomorrow morning.

And I get my draw reins tomorrow from smartpak!!!!!

AND the best thing….My HDR is 99% SOLD!!! Yay!

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