Posted by: eventer4life | August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

Today was muchhhh better!

Yesterday Leigh told me to try using side reins. So I lunged him in side reins for 10 ish minutes each way before I got on. He was really good on the lunge line. As soon as I clipped the side reins (random side note:I just realized that I left my lunge line and borrowed side reins sitting by the indoor…whoops. :/) on, he put his head down even though there was almost no tension in the side reins. He was so good! I didn’t have a whip and he wasn’t as responsive as I would have liked but he got better about that as I lunged him longer. After a couple minutes he even started to really stretch down in the trot.

When I got on, I still wasn’t expecting much. He was the way he normally is for about a minute and then settled down and was FANTASTIC. He had some bad running through my half halts and throwing a fit about canter transitions moments but overall was super good! He stayed in contact through all my transitions, and I could release my inside rein without losing everything. That’s only happened ONCE when I was riding with Hawley! I keep reminding myself to be softer and today I was riding holding the reins with mostly just my thumb and pointer finger. I took a half halt near the end and all I did was lightly close my other fingers on my outside hand. We were trotting and he offered to halt but instead walked because I didn’t have my leg on…He’s NEVER been that responsive for me. Usually he totally tunes me out! I’ll just keep using side reins and hopefully we’ll start to improve without needing the side reins! I was so happy with him today!

I also randomly decided that I would compete in a local unrecognized mini event this Saturday. It goes through Training (I think they added a Prelim combined test as well) and it’s a 1 day event. It’s a reasonably easy course compared to some of the recognized courses but it’s a great local schooling course. I’m nervous though…there’s a bank that’s up bank, 1 stride to a jump, 1 stride down. And there’s a full coffin. NERVOUS. But the good thing about this event is I can school beforehand! So I’m going schooling on Thursday morning with my dressage trainer (she used to event and is actually a really good jump trainer) and if I have major horrible issues with the bank or the coffin…I think I might end up doing the Prelim combined test. Haha. Might seem like a really bad idea, but our stadium is still really strong and our dressage should go well. So a Prelim combined test would probably go better for us than a full Training event. Weird, I know. But 3’6″ course = no problem.

So who knows what I’ll be doing! Hopefully XC schooling will go well and I’ll do the training event…more XC experience will probably be good for us. I’ll let you know how that goes! I won’t be able to get any pictures or video though, sorry!

Hopefully tomorrow will go as well as today went!

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