Posted by: eventer4life | July 31, 2010

July 31, 2010

The last 2 days have been…not so bueno. I’ve gotten off really quickly because it starts out (for about 10 seconds) okay, then quickly descends into bolting, head throwing, mini-rearing horribleness. After 10 minutes of running around today I finally got him to put his head down-I convinced myself it was “long and low” although it was more his-head-is-actually-down. We trotted around nicely (ish) for a couple minutes, then I asked him to canter and all fell apart. He bolted and wouldn’t stop. I tugged on the reins a little and he stopped IMMEDIATELY with his head straight up in the air and ran backwards. Yay? Then I kicked him forward and off he went. Awesome. Every time I half halt, he throws his head up and runs faster. Every time I put my leg on, he bolts. GAHHHH.I trotted for approximately 2 seconds and got off before I killed him.

I called Leigh today and she told me to find side reins or draw reins and USE THEM. I’m supposed to go borrow side reins and lunge him for 20 minutes and make him put his head down. So I will be doing that tomorrow (: My dressage trainer told me she has some I can borrow. And then I’m theoretically getting some draw reins on the 9th of August but who knows with Smartpak.

And today I finally attempted to clip his tail and pull his mane…FAIL on both fronts. His tail was clipped when I got him so I didn’t want to try pulling since the hair is short, but I waited wayyyy too long for it to be easy to follow where it had been clipped. So I kinda just struggled. And then pulling his mane…ahhhhh. I got it pulled a little thinner but it didn’t work so well haha.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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