Posted by: eventer4life | July 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Today was kind of…


A horrible disaster.

Ohhhhh boy it was bad.

I got on and he wouldn’t even get round or soften in the walk. At all. He WOULD NOT put his head down. And if I put my leg on, he bolted. And flung his head up in the air. He even did some little mini-rearing-just so his front feet came up a little. And then he’d take off more. We did that for 15 minutes or so before I got so frustrated that I just got off before I did something stupid. Then I untacked him in about a second and put him away. I was (still am) so frustrated with him.

I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I don’t have any idea how to ride him.

Sure, I had a fantastic ride with Hawley last week. But really, who wouldn’t have a good ride with Hawley? And then I had a good XC warm up with Leigh. Once again…hard not to. Once I’m on my own (the majority…the VAST majority of the time) I can’t do anything. I still haven’t jumped him at home and I don’t think I’m going to anytime soon. I don’t want to jump him on my own, considering how bad it is just doing flatwork on my own. I feel so stuck and I don’t know what to do.

Now something random: Up at Rebecca Farm, my paddock boots (the only boots I ride in except when it’s required to wear tall boots) got completely soaked through by a combination of 5 am dew on the grass, sprinklers, and cooling out FEI horses. Then I wore them around for the rest of the day and they got really weirdly shaped. And THEN when they dried…they shrunk. RIP paddock boots. I couldn’t even zip them today. Luckily I have a pair of Ariat tall boots that were in my basement that I’ve never worn because I don’t really like them. They’re quite uncomfortable and I’ve never wanted to put the time in to break them in. But, now I have to. At least until my new paddock boots get here. Any tips for breaking boots in faster?


  1. Don’t get discouraged! You will eventually figure your horse out! You are just going through a rough patch, things will start looking up soon! Until then, remember heels down, look up, and keep on riding 🙂 Love your blog, keep the posts coming!

    • Thank you! Comments like this that help keep me going (: It means a lot to me!

  2. I know how you feel, and it sucks! I’m on my own a lot in terms of training too.

    Last February I couldn’t get my old horse Sonny to do basically anything without his head straight up in the air. He wasn’t accepting my leg at all. I don’t know what options you have, but what I ended up doing was having my dressage trainer ride my horse for 6 days in a row and then twice a week for the rest of the month + 1-2 lessons a week. Basically boot camp. That month changed a lot of things for us. We went on to win our first Training in April and have a great spring season (until he hurt himself but that is another story).

    • I’ve actually considered that but never gone for it. It seemed like it really worked for you though! I might try that if things don’t get better soon. Right now it’s looking like I will be working for an event trainer over in Washington for the month of September and then for Hawley in October. That was just decided today! I will definitely be trying boot camp though if things don’t look up haha.

  3. Hey! So idk if your paddock boots have arrived yet- but I had to break in new field boots a couple months ago, and what I did was completely soak a pair of tall socks in water, put them on, put my boots on, and walk around in them for a while. Plus I kept resoaking the socks too, and did all these funky movements to stretch out and bend the leather so it’s not so stiff 🙂 I did that for a couple days and it seems to work pretty well. Just remember to oil & condition the leather afterward 😉

    • Thank you! My paddock boots got here today but I decided to stick it out and keep breaking in my tall boots. So I tried this tonight and last night and it helped so much! Thank you!!!!!

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