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Rebecca Farm 2010 Recap

Sorry I didn’t post anything since last…Monday, I think? I was SO busy and SO tired all week that I never got around to writing anything about what was going on!But I’m back home now so I’ll write a quick recap.

Basically, I worked a lot. Haha. I hacked Dawkins Monday, then on either Tuesday or Wednesday (I can’t remember…) I had a lesson with Hawley with draw reins. He was SO good like he always is when Hawley helps us out. He was super round and not just because of the draw reins. I kept them pretty loose, I think there was probably some slack in them. It’s just Hawley’s magic (:

On Thursday I was at the farm at 5:45, because we had the 1* jog at 8 am and Buddy needed to be braided and super clean. Natascha was there longggg before me braiding. I just picked stalls and filled water and walked horses…all the normal stuff. Buddy passed the jog no problem (: Then we had my dressage, Buddy’s dressage, and Ellie’s (a horse of Allie Slusher) dressage.

I think my dressage was first. I warmed up with Hawley and it was easily the best he’s gone for me yet. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about Hawley that makes him go so well! But he was perfect. I had just memorized my dressage test the night before so I was a little nervous about remembering it. Then, like a minute before I had to go in the horse warming up (a little too close) behind me was being naughty and ran up Dawkins’ ass. Of course he freaked out and bolted and Hawley and I both thought we were going into the dressage arena. Luckily I turned him away before we went over the fences. Then we went in and he was SO tense and I was so nervous about holding him together that I didn’t think about my test. So the first thing I had to do was turn right at B, 15 m circle at X. Well, I forgot to turn. I turned about halfway between B and F and swerved up, then did a definitely-not-15 m circle at X-ish. The judge didn’t give me an error because I’m pretty sure she thought (because she wrote it) that I had no control and that’s why I missed my turn. Haha. My whole test was kind of like that…I picked up the wrong lead once, my circles weren’t the right size….it was just bad. I managed to pull a 39.6 out of it (better than Inavale which really surprised me) which put me in 11th. I wasn’t happy about it, but like Hawley told me, it could have been MUCH worse.

Buddy put in a really nice test in the CCI*. He got a 57.7 putting him in 13th out of…26? I think. His owners were very happy with him!

Then Friday was dressage day for Hawley’s 2 Prelim horses, her 2 CIC*** horses, and Natascha’s Prelim horse. It was also XC day for me. Of course, my XC time was the exact same time Hawley had one of her 3 star tests. So I asked Leigh Mesher to warm me up for XC. Hawley had me borrow her Point-Two Air Vest for XC which was….weird to wear the first time. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. Dawkins was really bad in warm up. He was spooking at everything and there were a couple times I had no steering at all. When I got out on course, he was still spooky but I got him over the first 4 no problem. We came to the 5th jump, a brush-y jump a stride before water and he spooked and I thought he was going to stop. He went over it, but it wasn’t pretty. He did the same thing at 7, a bending line of 2 cabins. He was spooking at all the jumps around and would not focus on the jumps we were actually jumping. Then he came to 8, the bank. He immediately planted his feet and said no. I said yes and he gave me the finger. Normally, he’ll go backwards when he’s stopped at banks before. But he didn’t move a muscle this time. I didn’t stand there for too long, and I didn’t get an opportunity to represent because we were asked to leave quite quickly. (A little too quickly in my opinion). So, I was upset with that. Then when I got back to the stalls and was taking out his studs he tried to kick me while I was pulling out his hind studs and actually caught the brim of my helmet with his hoof. He was being a complete jerk and I was NOT happy with him.

I put him away and went down to the FEI barns where we were getting Ginny ready to go. Hawley had ridden her 3 (I think) times already that day, and on advice from Buck Davidson, she didn’t warm up at all. She just got on, walked over to the arenas, and walked in when it was her turn and rode her test.



Ginny was amazing. There were a few moments where we weren’t sure if she would hold it together or go crazy but she really did fantastic. She got a 49.6, putting her in 5th.

Saturday morning, we got all the vet box stuff ready early. Buddy went out at 8:06 so we had to be ready pretty early! Then we got Buddy tacked up and ready to go and walked over to the cross country course so we could put grease on Buddy’s legs and then be there when he got in.

Buddy was really good too! None of us were sure how he’d do but he went double clear! And in the vet box he was tired enough that he behaved very well (: He cooled out faster than a lot of horses there and then behaved in the ice boots when we got him back to the barn! Another girl who was kinda-sorta in our “group”, Max, went clear on her adorable pinto Project Runway, although she got some time faults.

After a couple times icing him, we got Sunny ready. He got one stop on course but did reasonably well, although he didn’t get a qualifying score for the CCI*** at Galway this fall. He was a little more excited than Buddy had been in the vet box but also cooled out well and did well in his ice boots.

Then it was Ginny’s turn to go! She did awesome! She got some time faults, but jumped around clear! She was very amped in the vet box but cooled off so fast. While we were cooling her out, Max was out on her 3* horse, Beacon Hill. She had a fall on course so after her horse was caught I went over and volunteered to cool him out. He behaved so so so well! He came in calm with his temp barely raised, just a little freaked out that he had lost his mom. He cooled off really fast and then another girl and I took him over and iced him, then Game Ready-d him and put him away. Max ended up doing way better than any of us would have expected, after seeing the fall. And Taylor was sound as well.

Sunny was a little off and the decision was made late Saturday night to withdraw so he could be given bute and be more comfortable. Ginny was perfectly sound. Buddy seemed a bit off but icing made him better that night.

Then Sunday morning, Buddy was spun in the jog and Ginny passed no problem. So there was only 1 FEI horse to show jump, and 2 horse trial horses. Both HT horses went double clear, and Ginny pulled 2 rails ending in 4th.

Obviously, Dawkins was not show jumped on Sunday and we could only get permission to school the bank on Monday. Hawley was planning to leave Sunday ): So we didn’t school.

But, I got fitted for Amerigo saddles! The demo is too wide and so he’s still too sore, but we ordered a new jump saddle and a new dressage saddle that should be here at the end of September. I also got a Point Two Air Vest, partly because Hawley doesn’t let her riders ride without one and I’m sure partly because of Max’s fall.

So, it was an AMAZING week and I wish it didn’t have to end. Sure, competition wise it was horrible, but other than that it was honestly one of the best weeks ever (: Thanks so so so much Hawley!!!

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