Posted by: eventer4life | July 20, 2010

Rebecca Farm Day 2

Sorry this is late, and I apologize in advance for it being short, and if it makes no sense. I am so tired and just wanted to get something up so I’m not trying to write about 2 days tomorrow.

This morning I got to the farm around 7:15, fed Dawkins, pulled his wraps and blankets off, filled his water, and cleaned his stall. The other stalls up at that barn had (I think) already been done so I went down to the FEI barn and did all that down there.

Then we tacked up, untacked, and cooled out horses for Hawley so she could ride her 5. That got a little crazy in the middle but we got it done (:

I rode an hour ish later with Hawley. I borrowed one of her dressage saddles and rode in dressage tack and draw reins. He was REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Better than he has EVER been for me. I have no idea if it was the draw reins, Hawley’s coaching, or a combination but he was seriously awesome. And it didn’t feel just like I was holding his head down with the draw reins, there was a little slack in them and he was definitely working through his whole body off my leg (: AMAZING!!!

Then we cleaned more stalls, walked horses, filled water, etc. And ended up just laying in the sun under the trailer for a little while with everyone. We were tired (:

Then went to the horse trial barns and did the usual (:

I’m so exhausted. Sorry this is short and not great but I need sleep 😛

I’ll write another confusing short post tomorrow!

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