Posted by: eventer4life | July 19, 2010

Rebecca Farm:Travel Day and Day 1!

I’m up at Rebecca Farm now! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I was -and am again today- absolutely exhausted.

We went up yesterday, left our barn (south of the highway we had to get on) at 1 and got there around 4. Dawkins loaded pretty well and trailered well. I got there and got him settled and then just helped Hawley out the rest of the day, walking horses, cleaning bridles, cleaning stalls…whatever. It was fun, actually. I really like working like this!

I got home (to the hotel) at 10:30 ish and didn’t even think about blogging, I was so tired!

Then this morning I got to the farm at 7:20, fed Dawkins, cleaned his stall, and filled his water and then went over to the FEI barns where the 5 FEI horses Hawley and Allie are riding are stabled. I cleaned stalls, filled water buckets, and walked (I honestly can’t remember exactly what I did, just that I did all of those over the course of the day). Then some of us went out for a hack in the amazing field behind the barns at Rebecca Farm. We just walked but wow, I love that field! I took Dawkins out again later and trotted a little. He wouldn’t get round at all when we were walking, so Hawley had me put draw reins on him for my second ride. He was better-kind of-and I’m hoping he’ll be better without draw reins tomorrow.

Today I also went to pick up horses at the airport. It was kind of insane! We had assumed it would just be trailers would pull up, horses would load, we would leave, whatever. But TONS of people showed up. I’m pretty sure even the local news showed up, haha. I helped unload the cargo-all the trunks and bags that were brought out-and put them on trailers to get them over to the farm. I also got to go see what the inside of the plane looked like. It was kinda cool to see it (: Then we trailered the horses back to the farm, giving a couple riders a ride back as well. (at the risk of sounding ridiculous and immature, KAREN O’CONNOR SAT BY ME. I was secretly excited). We had bedded stalls earlier for the riders coming over so after all the horses got their temperatures checked, they went right into their stalls.

Then I walked more horses, cleaned more stalls, ate more food, had more fun (:

And went home. And now I’m exhausted. If this post was slightly confusing, I apologize. I’m probably a little delirious.

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