Posted by: eventer4life | July 17, 2010

July 17, 2010

Dawkins was…ehhh….today. Not good, not bad. Just…ehh.

His back is SO MUCH BETTER already, and we’ve only had this saddle since…Tuesday?!?!? He’s still a little grouchy when I tighten the girth but he doesn’t try to bite or kick me when I put the saddle on his back. All he does is pin his ears and look angry when I tighten the girth. So he’s still a little sore, but a hell of a lot better than he was.

I didn’t ride for very long today, because it was close to 90 and like an oven in the indoor. I didn’t really feel like riding when it was like that, especially since I really didn’t know what to do…I just w/t/c around a lot. His canter was really good again and his trot was a lot better than yesterday. He spent a lot of time fighting and sticking his head up in the air though. Again.

He seems to like that.

He got a little better, stopped spooking so much at the open doors, so I got off. I had a LOT to do today to get ready for Rebecca Farm TOMORROW!!!

Once again, he walked right into the wash stall without hesitating. At least I figured that one out (: I let him roll again and then put him away. I brought grain down to the barn today so I could bag it, so I put grain in bags for every day! I figured out…I’m bringing SIXTY-FOUR POUNDS OF GRAIN. For a week. My God, he eats a lot.

I went to Cenex today to get grain and the guy working there recognized me. Because I’m there SO OFTEN. Because my horse eats a bag of grain in 6 days. Thoroughbreds…..

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