Posted by: eventer4life | July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010

I rode Dawkins today!
He was…kind of horrible. He was good at the walk at first, then his trot was horrible. Sometimes he just needs to canter and get out some of his excess energy and then he’s good in the trot, so I cantered him. He was still stiff, but better. Then he started fighting me and kicked out and kicked the wall. Then, of course, he bolted with his head straight up in the air and wouldn’t stop. I stopped him, finally, then made him walk for a while before we cantered again. He was better (: Still not good, but better. So that’s what we did the whole ride. Walk. Walk. Walkkkkkk. Then canter. *FREAK OUT*. Canter more. Walk. Trot? NO. TROT. NOO. TROT. Fine. *freak out*. Then finally after half an hour or so of head flinging, bolting, and kicking, he just….stopped. He was pretty good, suddenly calm, and suddenly way softer. I rode him for a couple minutes more in the walk and trot then cantered. And….the craziness returned. This time, though, it was all about going fast. He didn’t care as much about sticking his head as far in the air as possible. So, if I could use enough hand, he would run himself into my hand and (theoretically…) come round. And, he did! It was probably his best technically canter work so far. Was he super soft? No. But were his hocks coming under his body more than ever? Yes. Was he actually coming truly round and closing the throatlatch rather than just putting his neck down? YES. It was amazing. Crazy, but if I held it together, AMAZING. Then we trotted and he wanted to stick his head up so I trotted him until he softened then walked a little bit, then got off.

He was also really spooky today, but whatever. I untacked him, reminded him of his walking manners, then went to the wash stall. I still have yet to get him in there on my own. But today he stopped and wouldn’t go in. So I made him go backwards, backwards, backwards. Then we stood and when he looked away from me I reminded him he’s not supposed to do that. Then we tried again. I walked up to the wash stall and…BOOM. In he goes, no problem.


Exact same thing he did with the trailer.

Welllllllll Dawkins. All right then. I KNOW now. You’re not getting away with that anymore.

So I hosed him off, scraped the water off, hosed him off again. Then I took him out and led him back in again. He stopped and wouldn’t go, again, but I backed him up, made him listen, and in he went. I took him outside, let him eat a couple bites of grass (he was too warm to really graze or I would have let him eat more), then brought him back in and took him into the wash stall again. SUCCESS.

Then, since everyone from my barn is at a dressage show and I knew we’d have the barn to ourselves for a while, I let him go out in the indoor and roll or do whatever he wanted to do. He wandered around, spent 5 minutes looking confused-ly at the mirror, then rolled. I knew it (:

Then I attempted to brush the dirt off of him. He was still too wet, but I got a lot of it off. And, when I was brushing off his stomach, he tried to kick me in the head. I flipped out because um…NOT OKAY DAWKINS. He kept pinning his ears but didn’t kick at me again.

Then I emu oil-ed him, fly sheeted him, and turned him out.

But not before reminding him of walking on a lead manners one more time (:

1 full day until I leave for Rebecca Farm!!!

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