Posted by: eventer4life | July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010

Dawkins was FANTASTIC today!

I got the Amerigo demo in the mail, so even though I had planned on giving him today off I decided I’d hop on him just to try the saddle and see how it fit him and me. I put it on him and he did his normal ears pinned-teeth bared-leg ready to kick thing. But then I tightened the girth and he was kinda like “huh…this isn’t the one that hurts me horribly….hmmm” and his ears flopped forward and he chilled out (: He’s still sore but hopefully a fitting saddle will make it better.

I got on him-after some more time reminding him of his manners- and even though he was stiff and resistant like always at first, after just a couple minutes he softened and got rounder than he’s been for me yet. He felt like he was really coming under with his hocks and through his back…it was so good! He was good in all gaits too, not just walk and canter like he usually is when he’s good. I didn’t want to push him too much because of his lovely scratches on his hind leg from our sj crash on Sunday, so I got off before he even got sweaty at all. But he was perfect so it didn’t matter (:

I’m so happy the Amerigo is here!!!

5 days until I go to Rebecca Farm!!!!!!

A DRESSAGE SADDLE may be in my future!

I’m quite the outcast at my (dressage) barn, riding around in a jump saddle. I look forward to being one of the crowd (:

Now a question: If you could choose between a Devocoux, Amerigo, and CWD dressage saddle (nothing about fit, just going by quality/whatever), which would you choose?


  1. While your at Rebecca Farm say hi to Aussie TD Jo James and Kiwi TD Mike Manning both great people from our part of the world coming over for Rebecca Farm.

  2. I would rate those dressage saddle brands this way-
    1. Devoucoux
    2. Amerigo
    3. CWD

    I got a used Devoucoux Mikala (sp) last year, and I love it! (I also have a Devoucoux Chiberta). The CWD seems nice but kind of just a like a knock off of the Devoucoux IMO. The Amerigo saddles are great, but I don’t like the leather as much.

    Black Country is supposed to be awesome too and is less expensive. Those are custom as well.

    • Thank you! I’ll definitely have to look at Devocoux saddles then! I rode in some sort of Devocoux jump saddle while trying a horse and loved it! So if you like yours, I’ll definitely have to look at them!

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