Posted by: eventer4life | July 12, 2010

Whidbey HT Recap


I haven’t written anything about cross country or show jumping even though it’s been a couple days.

Yeah, I’ve been putting it off.

It was pretty much a horrible disaster.

Saturday was cross-country at 4:07. I got on at around 3:30 and went down to warm up with Leigh. He was really bad at first but Leigh had me jump the same jump (the natural) over and over and over again, halting after it, then walking round, then cantering, until he was bored out of his mind and super easy to ride. We went out on course and he was perfect over the first couple jumps.

We got to 4 and 5, a ditch then a sharp bending line 4 strides to a hay rack. Leigh had told me just to be safe and circle before 5 so I did, so that was really good.

He jumped over the jump before the water and went into the water fine.


Then we had to make a right turn around some bushes to get to the coffin. Dawkins flipped out and spooked at God knows what. I thought I kept him going, but apparently I did not. He jumped the first jump with barely any impulsion and I was popped right out of the tack. My left leg came up on top of the saddle but I managed to catch myself and pull back up and on and he hopped over the ditch and the log after. He was great over everything else. He looked at the bank (up, 2 strides, down, 2 strides, down into water) but jumped up and off fine, jumped the corner fine and jumped the brush WOW. It was so fun (: I’m pretty sure he jumped the whole thing, didn’t brush through, but it was so easy for him and it was fun. We circled before the last jump because I had been going wayyyy faster than I thought. The speed was 420 mpm which is slower than I’ve been riding him which I realized at the last second. I actually came in at 4:49 which was the optimum time, lol.

But, they gave me a stop at the coffin. I asked the TD about it and yeah….it was just bad. I don’t want to get into details haha.

So then Sunday was stadium. Leigh had a trailer mix up and couldn’t get back in time so I was trying to warm myself up and learn the course…and no one was there to hold my horse so I had to ask some random girl to hold him for me and I pretty much sprinted in and was asking these random trainers where the next jump was and I didn’t really get a chance to learn it. So I had to stand and look at the course and try to figure it out….

So, warm up. He was being sososo good. We were out on the cross country course and he was actually listening really well for jumping around on the xc field. I spent a while on the flat, then popped him over the cross rail and the vertical a couple times and he was super good..I think the vertical was still at Prelim height and he jumped it so well…I love jumping him over bigger stuff. Even 3’6″ is so much more fun than 3’3″ on him! I can’t wait to move up (: Then he jumped the oxer super well one time. I came around to do it again and consciously made myself sit quietly so I wouldn’t push for the long. However, even though he’s never run through a distance in his LIFE, he went through the distance and ended up basically underneath the jump. He’s such a good boy he tried to jump it for me but he took the whole thing out and almost went down. I managed to wrap my arms around his neck and stay on but it freaked him out so much. Then, of course, they called me in. He was ridiculously good for having just crashed. He jumped everything (overjumped because he was nervous but still), even when it was set up right next to a big Intermediate XC oxer. Then we had a big straight approach to a skinny. He was still nervous so he weaved a little up to it and I didn’t correct him well enough so he pulled a rail ): One of his first ever in a show, and I think the first one he’s pulled with me. I was really disappointed but he was so amazing through the triple that I didn’t even care. The last time we schooled a triple he would get so nervous that he’d hit the rails and even though he wouldn’t pull he’d come out so nervous. But he just popped right through, no problem. The jump after was a reallyyyy spooky looking Pirates Ship Skinny. He was so scared of it! But he was brave and jumped it for me and was perfect the rest of the course (:

I was (still am) so disappointed in myself. He tries so hard for me and I can’t even get him around a Training course.

Then I got off and felt even worse. He had scraped his hind legs pretty bad when we crashed and had dried blood on every leg. I so wish I had known so I could have withdrawn him. He had the paint off the jump embedded in his hair and scraped down his hoof, but he was awesome for me. I felt horrible.

But he’s sound, and even after trailering for close to 12 hours over 2 days he’s sound. So hopefully he’ll stay sound.

I feel horrible and stupid about this weekend. Honestly, he’s ready for Intermediate and I can’t even get him around a freaking Training course? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I feel awful.

I’m giving him a couple days off, probably today, tomorrow, and most likely Wednesday. I don’t want to give him too much time off since next week is Rebecca Farm with Hawley! An Amerigo demo is supposed to get here Wednesday and I’m going to ride in that until I can get properly fitted at Rebecca Farm.

I’m going to be there Sunday-Sunday/Monday! I’m excited (:


  1. Love the blog! Be gentle on yourself- your horse is ready to do intermediate w/ a team rider & has alwad been ridden by team riders (buck & hawley). He’s brand new to you, there are saddle fit problems, you guys are still getting acquainted, and you hadn’t done a recognized training event before him! This is only your 2nd event together & your 2nd training & you haven’t even been together 2 months- you’re doing great!!!

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