Posted by: eventer4life | July 9, 2010

Whidbey Island Pony Club Horse Trials: Travel and Dressage

Today was my dressage ride at WIPC Horse Trials! And of course I didn’t write anything about getting here 🙂

We drove to Ellensburg, WA on Wednesday night and Dawkins stayed the night in a pasture at someone’s farm there. He had a good time eating all night haha. He hasn’t been able to do that in a while. Then Thursday morning we drove to Whidbey Island! It was supposed to take 3 but it took more like 4 1/2…don’t know how that happened….

So I rode him last night at 9-ish because it was really hot all day and it finally started to cool down way late. He was horrible. Absolutely horrible. I was freaking out because I had absolutely no one who could help me and I still don’t know him that well.

But this morning Hawley called me (because I wrote something on facebook about being nervous about not having a trainer) and called a couple people to see if anyone could help me! She called Chelan first but I wandered around for like an hour and couldn’t find her (the corrals are so confusing here! There was a map and everything but I struggled). So she called Leigh who was stabled right across from me and she could help me!

So she helped me warm up for my dressage test. When I first started warming up (without her), it was horrible. I could kinda sorta get him round but it was bad. He was tense and stiff and quick and ignoring me. Then, Leigh came to help me. Thank. God. For. Leigh.

She had me slow him down a TON and just had me make a lot of little changes and do a lot of little things that made a huge difference. Apparently when I use my inside rein, I pull it over his withers. So she told me to pull it out towards my leg and that softened him pretty fast. she kept telling me to give when he gave and even though I KNOW that because Olivia tells me that all the time, having someone there telling me that helped a lot. She also had me sit in more of a shoulder-in position on the circle to help turn him…which helped of course 🙂

It was probably-no, DEFINITELY- my best ride on him on the flat so far. Then I went into the arena and…it all fell apart. Of course. But I expected that. I wasn’t preparing him like I should have so we had some nasty transitions.

But when I got my score and my test, I was so surprised! I got a 35 and I’m currently tied with 2 other people for 7th. I actually only got 2 5s (I think) and 2 8s! I got a 7 on rider! Only a few of my scores went down but the majority went up!
I actually got a 7 on my stretchy trot which so far has been horrible!

I’m so happy about it.

Then I watched some of the AI dressage, BN XC, and then walked my course again with Leigh and one of her students who’s running Training. It was realllyyyyy helpful, although I’m still quite nervous about the coffin and all the banks.

I ride at 4:07 tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to post good news tomorrow 🙂

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