Posted by: eventer4life | July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010 Dressage Lesson

Today I had another dressage lesson with Olivia. This time I actually remembered to bring my dressage test TO my lesson instead of leaving it sitting out in my car. Haha. Did that yesterday :p

We worked on a lot of the same stuff. I figured out that going to the right (and to the left, but not as much) I need to put my inside leg on, flex him to the inside, and take a half halt which will set him back really well and get him going in a much better balance. I rode like a bazillion 15 meter circles because in my dressage test they were all too big…hopefully I got it figured out now! I don’t want to lose more points on geometry at Whidbey. Most of the lesson, I rode my dressage test while Olivia gave me comments and told me what I need to do to make that movement better. And if it was REALLY REALLY bad, I rode it again. And again. And again. Until we figured it out.

Our stretchy trot was, as usual, horrendous. After like 15 circles, lol, we kinda got like a half stretch…but when I looked in the mirror he really just looked like an eq horse, you know that headset? Where it’s like low but definitely not stretching? Yeah…..Ahhh well.

I went to the laundromat today to get everything clean for Whidbey! Finally washed his sheet…I have no idea if that laundromat lets you wash horse laundry but I did it anyways (: And all my saddle pads are clean and pretty! I got my new Ecogold dressage pad too! My XC and SJ Ecogold pads should be here soon too, I hope. And Bit of Britain STILL hasn’t even shipped my waxed braiding thread…ugh I ordered it like 2 weeks ago! Ahhhh well……

Good news! While I was at the laundromat, Robin from Amerigo called me to get shipping info because she’s shipping out a demo saddle! It’s basically the saddle Hawley rode him in, just a 17 1/2 instead of a 17 and a normal flap instead of short (: I’m just a little bit bigger than Hawley ahaha. So that should be here next Wednesday! The Mattes pad is working out pretty well, not great, but better. So I’m going to ride him at Whidbey in the Mattes pad and then give him Monday Tuesday off…Wednesday too probably. I’ll give him next week off until the saddle gets here, lol.

Once it gets here I’ll ride in it until Rebecca Farm when Robin will do a real fitting. And we leave for that Monday of the week, so I can spend extra time riding with Hawley! So hopefully this saddle will work out and we’ll be able to buy one and everything will be fine! We’re also going to shop around for a dressage saddle at Rebecca Farm since all the big vendors will be there…we’ll probably buy an Amerigo, honestly, but if we can’t find one that works we might go for a custom…like a Devocoux or Antares or CWD or something. Haha. We’ll see! I’m excited (:

Leaving for Whidbey tomorrow afternoon! We’re driving partway and then going all the way Thursday morning (:

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