Posted by: eventer4life | July 5, 2010

Inavale goals analysis and July 2010 goals

Third post of the day!!

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do what just about every event blogger does. Monthly goals!

So, a little late, here’s my July (and Whidbey) goals!


1)Have no stops at competition

2)Continue taking 1-2 Dressage lessons per week

3)Start taking lessons with Jil Walton-if that happens in August it’s okay because I’m spending the week of Rebecca Farm with Hawley!

4)Have top 10 placings at both July events

5)Continue to improve connection

6)Improve stretchy trot

7)Get a 7 on rider

Whidbey Island-

1)Dressage score in the 30s-anywhere in the 30s! Even 39.9 is improvement (:

2)Have calm, consistent rides on the flat

3)Go double clear XC-the speed is slower (420 mpm instead of 450) so it should be no problem.

4)Have a calm double clear stadium round

5)Tight turns, deep spots, add as much as possible! In stadium

6)Quiet, good trailering behavior and stall behavior

Inavale Goals-

-35 or less dressage score-Nope, but I’m okay with that now. It really was tension and we’re capable of a lot more. Since we did get 4th and I’m having more lessons now, our next events should be better.

-At least a 6 on rider (but if I get a 5, I’ll be okay with that.)-Yes! I got a 6!

-No crazy head flipping in dressage-Only once, when he broke to canter in a trot lengthening and I was stupid and jerked a little on the reins and his head went up

-At least some stretch in both walk and trot-Walk yes! We actually got a 7 and the comment of “good stretch and energy”. Trot no, but we’re working on that. We got a 4.

-Clean cross country-time and jump-Not time, because I was stupid and trotted around the Intermediate jump and didn’t pick up my canter right away. We were going fast enough at the start and everywhere else that we could have made the time easily.

-No hesitation at any banks! (I’m hoping Rebecca was a one time thing..or that when his adrenaline is up out on the course he won’t think twice. Or that if I’m super firm he’ll pop right off)-The water NO! But he did go in after some major encouragement. The other down bank he popped right off no problem.

-Don’t go off course in any phase! Especially dressage-Yup, no problem at all!

-Clean stadium-Mmmhmmm not even a rub.

-Comes back easily in both jumping phases-Yes he did really well! He didn’t get out of a control for a second.

-The right shoulder DOES NOT pop out!-It didn’t! I think we’re over that already.

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