Posted by: eventer4life | July 5, 2010

Buck Davidson Clinic Day 2

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Buck Davidson clinic!
MUCH nicer weather…it was a little chilly but there was no rain until AFTER my ride which was nice!Dawkins was much less wild so I think it was the weather that got him.

Today was much more of a coursework/technical day. We started off with a simple course, which Dawkins did reasonably well. Then Buck told us to do the same course in 10 seconds less time, without going faster. We had to make more efficient turns. This course was SO much better than the first one! I did super tight turns-I’ll get a video up (Buck clinic Day 2 Course 2)- compared to the first course and I actually cut 30 seconds off! Plus Dawkins didn’t spook at anything, just went around no problem. We did courses like that for a while, then started changing strides around. There was one line that was a 4, (which I hadn’t been getting) that we had to do in a 3. This was NO PROBLEM for Dawkins and I! Everyone else had issues but our line was super fluid. Of course then we left out strides EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t get him to put in that last stride. So Buck told me that it’s great that I can leave out but that SHOULDN’T be the easy one. It should be easier to add than to leave out. He said that shows that even though Dawkins sometimes seems connected, he’s really not connected between my hand and leg and I need to work on that!

There were a couple lines that I kept leaving out a stride and no matter what I did I couldn’t get the right number. So Buck made me do it over and over again until I got the right number of strides. I really appreciated that. I’ve honestly never had an instructor that put any emphasis on the number of strides in a line. I’ve definitely never been told to redo a line when I leave out a stride! So it was definitely good for me.

We then jumped a corner a couple different ways, which went fine. Then the bank.

Oh God, the bank.

Dawkins stopped 10 feet away and wouldn’t go forward. I kicked and kicked and smacked and he wouldn’t jump up it.  Buck got behind us with a lunge whip and eventually he jumped up it. So we did that a couple more times. Buck told me Dawkins knows what to do, obviously. And he’s not scared of it. He’s nervous and so I have to keep my leg on, keep my shoulders back, and encourage him. Then we did the bank another way and he hesitated but went off it.

Then we coursed with the banks and corners combined. One of the corner lines had us jump the corner on a bending left line to an angled line. Well, lovely me started aiming him at the corner completely wrong. I had a couple run outs and then jumped the barrel, knocked it over, and Dawkins bolted. So Buck yelled at me, told me I was jumping it like a 4* corner. He stood and had me go around him so I had to line up to it so it would be easy. Then, of course, we had no problems with it. I felt like quite an idiot.

Then we moved on to courses with a coffin line (jump, ditch, skinny) and a jump on a hill. Most horses had problems with the jump on the hill but Dawkins didn’t even think about the jump. It really didn’t even feel like he jumped it. Haha. It WAS tiny but still. Then I apparently wandered around the turn, jumped the first jump badly and had a stupid run out at the ditch. I can’t remember what I did, but it was completely my fault. And the next time I made a tight turn and he jumped the jump and ditch well but then I didn’t steer well to the skinny and I knocked the standard over with my foot. The next time he did it perfectly (:

It was far from being a good ride on my part, but I learned a lot about my horse. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but Buck owned Dawkins before Hawley did. Buck actually took him to his first event at Novice.

Buck told me that I have to be nice to him. I have to praise him a lot. If I start beating him, bossing him around, kicking him around, spinning him, being rude-either on the ground or in the saddle- he’ll never do anything for me. But-and I quote-“If you’re nice to this horse and he trusts you, he’ll take you Advanced. I guarantee it. But if you’re mean to him, he’ll be the worst horse you ever rode.” He couldn’t stress being nice to Dawkins enough. He said that Dawkins is phenomenally talented, I just have to learn to work with him.

All in all, it was definitely a worthwhile weekend, although I felt like a complete idiot having that many refusals on him. I know Dawkins doesn’t stop pretty much at all, and I feel bad and stupid for having as many as I did.

I’ll have a post up in a couple minutes about my dressage lesson today (:

Whidbey ride times were posted today! Dressage at 12:51 Friday, XC 4:07 Saturday. Once again I’m the second to last person in my division, haha.


Day 2 Course 1-

Day 2 Course 2-

My mom got other video on her phone…hopefully I can get it.

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