Posted by: eventer4life | July 1, 2010

July 1, 2010

Pretty much an uneventful day with Dawkins today. I gave him the day off, for obvious reasons. It’s definitely not worth making him more sore or rubbing his back worse for one ride especially with the Buck Davidson clinic this weekend and Whidbey next week. I’m trying to get my Mattes Correction pad before the clinic.

Dawkins is so accident prone it’s ridiculous! So far every time I’ve caught him he’s had either a new cut/scrape/rub or has made an old one worse. Today he had a new, small cut above his eye. It was so tiny I wouldn’t have noticed it if there hadn’t been some dried blood around it. So I cleaned him off and coldhosed his left hind again…I’m still worried about it. I’m trying to clean out his back wounds as well as I can every day but I’m still afraid they’ll get infected! One of them is reallyyyy deep, the one he got when he rolled and hit a screw in the temporary stalls at Inavale. That’s what I’m most worried about! But I cleaned them as well as I could and put Tea Tree Oil ointment on his back and Emu Oil ointment on his face and leg. I’ve decided NOT to use the conventional horse cut treatments, like Furazone or Corona because there’s so many cancer warnings on them that I figure it can’t be good to put in my horses open wounds! And Emu oil is working really well on his face, the hair is already growing back pretty well, so why would I use something with cancer warnings all over it?

Then I walked him for 20-ish minutes down a road off the highway (my barn is directly on the highway, but there’s one little path between my barn and another barn). He was SO rude and it really started to piss me off because he totally knows better! Then he decided that there was something VERY scary and put his head straight up in the air and spooked a bunch. I made him keep walking and eventually he settled down. I let him graze for a couple minutes when we got back to the barn and then groomed him and put him away.

Like I said, uneventful day! I’m giving him tomorrow off as well. We’re going up to Kalispell for the Buck clinic tomorrow night, and I ride at 11 Saturday morning. I’m in the Training group (wish I was in the Training/Prelim group but…oh well!) and I don’t know anyone I’m riding with! I’m excited, it should be a good clinic! (:

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