Posted by: eventer4life | June 30, 2010

June 30, 2010

Today I’ve had Dawkins for exactly one month! It seems like I’ve had him so much longer than a month, but at the same time like he was just getting here yesterday.

So anyways, today I went out to ride, just to see how it went since he had been okay this weekend.

I hate putting my saddle on him. I hate it so much. He walks up to me in his pen with his ears pricked, his stride long and loose, and he’s totally relaxed. Then I put on his saddle and his ears go back, he lifts his hind leg up and threatens to kick, he tries to bite, and then I walk him out of his stall and he’s trying to hard not to bump the saddle because it hurts him so bad.

I got on him even though I could tell he was really hurting today. He was walking around in an extremely short stride, obviously trying to keep his back off the saddle. He didn’t want to get round because that requires coming through his back, which would make him hurt worse. I decided not to push it and got off after just a couple minutes. I took his saddle off and rinsed out his rubs and cuts all over his back, then cold hosed his left hind leg because I’m still worried about it. Then I put Emu Oil and Tea Tree Oil on all his cuts and led him out to his pen. After just a few minutes of moving around without his saddle on, he was moving well again.

I hate that saddle.

I texted Hawley and asked her what saddle she used on him and ended up calling the Amerigo rep about trying out some of their saddles. I left a message and hopefully she’ll call me back soon! I need to get something that works ASAP and I don’t know what to do!

I guess Buck Davidson said he’ll help me out when I go to his clinic this weekend so hopefully we’ll find a pad that works.



  1. You did the right thing cutting the ride short. If he was threatening you, then the poor dude is in some pain. Try and get your Mattes back as quick as you can. If you can’t get it back before the clinic, then just go get a new one. Stay off him, and let his back heal. Lounge him in the meantime until the clinic, if he needs to stay loose, etc. You guys are a good pair, obviously, so missing some training shouldn’t throw you off. Riding him with a sore back would. Good luck!!!

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