Posted by: eventer4life | June 25, 2010

Inavale Day 2:Dressage

Today was my dressage test at Inavale. I had a super late ride time-4:43-so I spent most of the day sitting around, walking the course, attempting to braid…

I actually managed to pull off reasonably decent looking button braids my first try! And I washed Dawkins’ tail and picked out the tangles so it was lovely and soft and silky (: Although I didn’t give him a bath, I did brush him well enough that it didn’t even matter that he hadn’t had a bath.

Then finally at 4, I got on.

I went down to the warm up area and for whatever reason, it was absolutely horrible. I couldn’t get him round. At all. I ended up riding heavy handed, with him flipping his head around or sticking it out straight. I completely forgot how to ride. Nothing was going well. I spent 45 minutes trying to figure it out, but at 4:43 I had to go in and try.

It was


He wasn’t round, wasn’t connected, wasn’t relaxed. My 15 meter circles were not 15 meters, my 20 meter circle was not 20 meters. Nothing went well.


In the first lengthening I pushed for a big lengthening. He was going really well, then I felt him about to canter and tried to bring him back but he cantered anyway, then stuck his head straight up and wouldn’t come back to me. So on the next lengthening I decided we wouldn’t lengthen at all, because that would be better than cantering, at least he’d stay under control! But he cantered anyways because he was completely, absolutely tuning me out.

I feel so horrible about it right now. I haven’t ridden this bad in a long long time.

I’m just going to end this now because I’m going to be freaking out any second.

Oh, I got a 40.5.

At least it’ll be a qualifying result if I get around XC and stadium clear. If I got higher than a 50 I don’t know what I’d do.

I’m feeling a breakdown coming on.

I’ll write tomorrow, XC at 10:26!

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