Posted by: eventer4life | June 24, 2010

Inavale:Travel Day

Yesterday (I’m going to post about yesterday and today tonight probably, in two separate posts) we drove to Inavale! It took 11 hours total.

Dawkins was such a star on the trailer ride over! He was calm the whole time, ate well, drank super well! I’ve never had a horse that will drink while trailering and every time I offered water he’d drink some. I had a full 5 gallon water tank and he drank the whole thing over the course of 11 hours!

We arrived at the grounds around 7 pm and unloaded. We checked the stabling chart and I had been assigned a pole corral. There had been NO mention of pole corrals anywhere (and I checked once I got internet, so I’m sure!) and I ended up FREAKING OUT. The corrals were smaller than the stalls, had 1 log on each side, no roof (obviously), no door, and were super close to the other horses with nothing keeping them from beating on each other.

WARNING: This may make me seem like a spoiled brat.

So anyways, I freaked out. I couldn’t imagine putting my new horse into one of those corrals. Especially since he seems to have no problem popping under stall guards. And likes to roll in stalls. I was picturing him getting stuck under, getting out, getting scratched up, beating up another horse, getting beat up himself…

I didn’t know what to do.

I actually was so afraid to put him in one of those corrals that I said (to my mom only, I didn’t go tell someone else this to manipulate them, don’t worry) that I would scratch if he would have to spend 5 nights and days in there. Obviously we couldn’t turn around and drive back another 11 hours at 7 pm, so I ended up borrowing a friends stall for the night, because she wouldn’t arrive until the next day.

Luckily this morning my AMAZING trainer-for-the-weekend, Sarah Kelly, managed to find me a stall this morning! So we’re good 🙂

More on today in…either about 10 minutes, or tomorrow (:

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