Posted by: eventer4life | June 24, 2010

Inavale: Day 1

I guess technically yesterday was Day 1, but really today was the first REAL day at Inavale soooo…

So today I got up and fed around 8, then spent time organizing stuff, moving stalls (since I was in a friends stall I had to re-put up buckets, strip her stall, get new hay, put down fresh shavings in my new stall…etc), and then went out to ride. Dawkins was not so good at first, really up and spooky. He wouldn’t settle down and work. I actually ended up doing sitting trot for a bit, and for some reason he actually really relaxed and came through and worked really well. For whatever reason…I might have to do more sitting trot if it improved him that much! I then did some canter work and had easily some of his BEST canter work since I got him. He was super powerful with his hind end and so adjustable….I ended up doing one of my best collected canters on ANY horse, including my trainers Grand Prix horses! I was testing him out to see how he could hold that canter and I was pretty much thisclose to doing a canter pirouette, my circle was so small. And he held the canter and kept a LOT of power coming through. I have honestly never had canter work like that from him! Then I had to work on lengthenings which were also nice, although not quite like his collected work today (: He was still adjustable when I pushed for the bigger canter and came back sososo easy. Trot lengthenings were not as good though. But I’m never that great with trot lengthenings :p I then attempted stretchy work. And got nothing, as per usual. I managed to get a teeny tiny tad bit of stretch FINALLY after forever of trying. Gahhhhh why? He was really sweaty by that point so I walked him out a little, had a run in with a horse eating bale of hay, and then a patch of horse eating mud, then went back to the barn area. Hosed him off a couple times, walked him more, then put him away.

I then spent some time with the group of people all being coached by Sarah this weekend. We were planning the weekend out, apparently….At 4:15 I walked the course with Sarah and the other girl riding the Training course. It looks straightforward enough, only a few jumps intimidated me. Only 1 REALLY intimidated me.

That would be the trakehner.

Since I have never jumped him over a trakehner, they scare the hell out of me.

The last (and only) time I jumped a trakehner was last fall. I was riding my (ex) trainer’s lesson horse, Sterling, and he had never seen anything like it. We decided since I was running him Training I should probably jump it. He jumped it VERY scarily one time, just barely made it over, then stopped the next time and I came off. So, they terrify me.

But Hawley said they don’t bother him so…let’s hope!

A couple hours later he was acting really bored and irritated so I decided to take him out and handwalk him. I was walking him down the barns, and he was getting a little spooky. He spooked and almost ran me over a couple times. Then randomly he spooked majorly and LEAPED backwards a couple times and would have taken off if I hadn’t taken a death grip on the lead rope (which gave me a nasty rope burn blister). Once I got him calm and standing, he was standing on three legs and wouldn’t put weight on his left hind.


I asked him to step forward and he stepped onto it fine after a couple minutes. So, freaking out, I went over to these random people and asked them if they’d watch me jog him and see if he looked sound. They said sure, and so I jogged him and they said he looked sound, but stiff in his left hind.


He gave himself a nasty gash in his left hind, and cut his right hock as well. Sarah looked them over and told me just to coldhose, then put some medicine and gauze on and wrap his legs.

So I did that and gave him a long walk and graze later. He seems sound…

Fingers crossed?

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