Posted by: eventer4life | June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

Yeah…I’ve already gotten lazy with post titles. So I’m rollin with dates for now. Until I get creative-ish again.

AWESOME lesson today.

I had a dressage lesson with my ridiculously amazing dressage trainer this afternoon and Dawkins was so-so at first but he ended up doing pretty much SUPER and Olivia was so so so so so helpful!! Ahhhhh she’s amazing!!

So for once I actually went into the lesson with specific things I wanted to work on, since my dressage test is coming up! Friday! So I wanted to figure out the things I can’t quite get on my own yet. I almost never have specific concrete things I want to work on haha.

But today I warmed up and as soon as Olivia called me over to start my lesson I told her, “I want to work on trot and canter lengthenings, stretchy trot, free walk, and I don’t understand touchpoints on a 15 meter circle.” Um, so glad I did that! We spent the whole lesson working on exactly what I needed to work on for the event and I think it helped a TON.

I learned the touchpoints for a 15 m circle in a small arena, although I couldn’t ride them because our dressage arena is a long arena. But I know now to go to the far quarter line and to about halfway between the letters on either side.

After a couple minutes of trotting around attempting to stretch, we finally started to get it. It took a combination of bend, pushing with my leg, and half halting then releasing to get him to stretch even partway. As soon as he started to “disappear” from contact I had to kick him forward because as soon as he would get light and disappear, he would be way more likely to pull his head up and flail around ugly-ly. haha.

It was almost the same thing in the free walk, except I tended to way OVERbend unlike in the trot, where I underbended him. So I had to be sure to keep my outside rein! That made him stretch much better.

Canter lengthenings were super easy. I’d get a good working canter, then all I had to do was lengthen the movement of my seat and off he’d go in a HUGE canter! Then I’d stretch up and tall and shorten my seat, and his canter would collect back to a working canter. So easy! (:

Trot lengthenings however…I really suck at feeling when we’re actually lengthening and when we’re just running. Or not really doing anything, haha. But I figured it out…I just have to push him as big as he can go (still can’t really tell if he’s actually getting bigger aha) but not overdo it so much we canter. That happened quite a few times…

But he was really good! I hope he’s this good in our test Friday at 4:43 pm (: Late ride=WIN. Haha I have plenty of time to attempt button braids and watch

Right now I’m finishing packing up the trailer! I have packed up the obscene 36 pounds of grain my horse will need this weekend, cleaned (some) tack, spent an hour at the laundromat washing pads and boots…But still so much to do!

Wish me luck! I’ll post throughout the event.

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