Posted by: eventer4life | June 20, 2010

June 20, 2010

Pretty uneventful day today. I went to the barn around noon and rode Dawkins. I had to ride outside which was AWESOME until it got really windy and suddenly everything was horrifying to Dawkins. I got him pretty much under control and he was working decently though. Still almost no stretch in walk or trot no matter what I do…Sometimes he’ll stretch a little in the walk if I BEAT him (ok not really…I kick him a bunch with my spur haha). So hopefully we can get that figured out soon! I was riding my dressage test for Inavale (for the first time…and I ride Friday…probably not my best idea) and we were doing decently, I even got him to do a little bit of a lengthening. The VERY LAST part of the test, the last 15 m canter circle, he suddenly flipped out. He’d canter along fine then hit E and start to turn slightly and he’d flip his head up in the air and bolt. It was lovely…we did about 1 million canter circles to get him to chill out. After a while I didn’t even care about roundness, I was going for QUIET. And finally I got quiet and a bit of connection. So that was nice.

I then tried to figure out cleaning out his stud holes so I can put blanks in there so I can actually USE studs at Inavale. Um…FAIL. I don’t know, maybe I’m just really stupid or something, but I COULD NOT figure it out. Haha. I think there’s possibly a ton of mud packed in there? But I have no idea how to clean it out or anything! Any advice?

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