Posted by: eventer4life | June 19, 2010

June 19, 2010

I flatted Dawkins today. He was not so great today. He was really up and didn’t want to settle down and work. He got a lot better once we were working, but we had issues with any sort of stretching…He either doesn’t know how to (unlikely) or won’t (more likely) or I just can’t ask him right (most likely) to free walk or stretchy trot. I got him almost almost almost doing a nice free walk but then he’d yank his head up and flip his nose around and spook and jerk around until I got him working forward again…i’ve figured out that he really just needs to go to settle down. If I get on him and he’s really hot, walking is a bad idea. I have to immediately go into a working trot. it might not be the best way to warm up his body, but it helps his mind a lot more.
His canter transitions were decent today…they got better once I tuned him up to my leg. And his halts were AWESOME. I would be trotting and then all I had to do was think ‘halt’ and just barely settle my seat into the saddle and he would instantly be in a lovely square halt. It was impressive (:
Hopefully I can figure out stretchy trot and free walk before Inavale! Those are both on our test and I really really really want to do well in dressage….
Today his bump was either about the same size or smaller, still hard, and still not bothering him. It was a little warmer I think, but he was so sound I’m not worried about it.
I put my other saddle on him today, a Bates with adjustable gullets. my dressage trainer thinks it fits well enough so hopefully this’ll get us through until we can get a custom! This saddle might fit him okay but it really doesn’t fit me :p haha
I’m trying to decide whether to jump him again…I know I should but I don’t know when I could fit it in without overdoing it! So I probably won’t, unless it keeps being nice out and I can set up some jumps in the outdoor (dressage) arena.
4 nights until we leave!
6 nights until dressage!
(I couldn’t figure out days right so I just went by nights…much easier on my anti-education mind)
I’m making a goals page which I’m going to post inavale goals on!
Any advice on getting him to stretch? I have a dressage lesson Tuesday so hopefully that’ll help.

Oh I also forgot to mention he got his feet done yesterday…we’re trying a new farrier, the farrier who does all the horses at my barn. I think he’s more expensive than any other farriers in town but HOPEFULLY he’ll be really good and worth it! The farrier we used to use actually trimmed Taz’s feet like 6 weeks ago so short/badly he’s still sore from it…we had a vet out and that’s definitely why he hurts 😦 And I don’t want that to happen to Dawkins! Back problems is all I can deal with!


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