Posted by: eventer4life | June 13, 2010

June 12 Pictures

I gave Dawkins the day off today but I still went out to see him, let him wander around in the sand arena for a while-usually he LOVES to roll in there-, check his legs, groom him, and of course feed him some mints 🙂

So I let him out in the sand arena and was expecting him to roll but instead he just wandered around. So I took some (not so great) pictures (:

He looks cute so…here they are!

Slightly boring, I know. But how cute is he?!? (:

His legs were a little warm and puffy today, but I let him out in the pasture with his grazing muzzle on so hopefully some more walking around will make them cooler and tighter by tomorrow.

Today I went out and scared the crap out of a guy at Quality….I was buying a bunch of chain to hold up water buckets and grain buckets at shows. He looked…very frightened at the amount of chain I was buying. Somewhat entertaining (:
I also TOTALLY organized my trailer…I’ve done some pretty OCD things but this was by far the most OCD thing I’ve ever done. I labeled EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. I have separate boxes for grooming stuff, grain and supplements, tack cleaning stuff, sleazy….EVERYTHING. I have a file cabinet in the back with 6 total drawers where I labeled exactly what’s in every drawer. You’ll see 🙂


You can't really see the label, but that's my "Fly Mask, Extra Bell Boots, Extra Ziplocs" box

My file cabinets 🙂 6 drawers labeled with exactly what's in each so I always know where to look!

Stack of well-labeled boxes. Top box is grooming. 2nd is braiding (with everything in there labeled-thread, needles, scissors, etc). 3rd box is tack cleaning-with everything in the box labeled. 4th is sleazy. 5th is grain and supplements with feeding instructions on it. haha.

Stud box 🙂 labeled, of course. Studs, WD-40, Wrench, Magnetic dish, Tee tap. With another box underneath...Fly spray, show sheen, cowboy magic. All labeled 🙂

Stud box close up

Sorry for the slightly boring post but I’m proud of my organization today!

Rebecca Farm tomorrow….I have a lesson with Sarah at 4:30 and then lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wish me luck (:

I’ll seriously need it.

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