Posted by: eventer4life | June 12, 2010

First gallop sets with Dawkins :)

I just got home from my first gallop sets with Dawkins 🙂

It was…interesting. Let’s just say that haha.

So, the intervals I did were:

5 min trot, 2 min walk, 5 min trot, 2 min walk, 5 min trot, 2 min walk, 6 min canter, 3 min walk, 6 min canter, 3 min walk, 6 min canter, than a looooong cool out.

My canters ended up being more like gallops- we were slightly out of control haha. But it was fun and Dawkins got SWEATY. But I’m pretty sure he never runs out of energy-he was blowing pretty hard by the end and sweating a TON but he never slowed down or acted tired at all. I’m not sure if he’s just in really good shape, or just has a TON of energy. Either way I’m okay with it! We will definitely have no problems running around a Training course- I’m pretty sure he could run around 3 Prelim courses in a row without slowing down! haha.

However, we were out of control as I said earlier. I think some of the canters ended up being pretty close to 600 mpm, just based on the number of laps we did per minute. So I need to work on control and slowing down-beause we’re going to get a LOT of speed faults if I can’t get him slow and under more control!

EDIT- My last canter set I ended up doing about half sitting, half in 2 point. I figured it was more important to work on more canter, less gallop than strengthening my own legs. So I would sit and collect and do a lovely, collected, rocking horse canter, then go into 2 point and gallop, then I’d sit and expect him to come RIGHT back to me…which got better as the 6 minutes went on haha.

I spent the whole ride listening to my iPod because sometimes I get reallyyyy bored doing intervals and so I figured…why not? I didn’t have any pockets so I just stuck my iPod in my pants. It was lovely 😛

Then after I finished the workout, I walked him around the grass arena we did the intervals in for 10 minutes, then walked down the road and back for 15 ish. Then I untacked, hosed him off, scraped off the water, hosed and scraped again. It was HOT today and I could tell by the amount of sweat on him! I had brought my ice boots in a cooler so after I finished hosing him off, I put those on him for 25 minutes or so. By the time I took them off, he was dry and so I brushed him off a couple times. His legs were lovely and cool and tight and it was soooo reassuring to me, honestly. I’m paranoid about his legs (: He’s all I have, so whatever….better to be careful! Right now the barn owner is at an event-there’s only 4 horses where he is right now- and so I’ve been the only one there, and Dawkins and another horse are the only ones left! So someone I don’t know is feeding this weekend. My supplements finally got here yesterday, and I don’t feel comfortable asking someone I don’t know (honestly I don’t even know who’s feeding) to start feeding supplements. So after he was totally cooled out I gave him about half a scoop of grain with his supplements. I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend and ask the barn owner to start feeding them next week.

EDIT- I’m such a space case sometimes….So after I rode, the lady who feeds in the evening came up while I was hosing Dawkins off. She was on one Western horse, leading another. She had a little kid and like 4 dogs running around. Seemed slightly sketchy, but whatever. Haha. So I wave to her, just being friendly and she says, “Are YOU the one that always shuts him in?!?!? He’s SUPPOSED to be out!” And I’m like…”Uhhhh…well…I always ride in the evenings and I don’t want him going straight out on grass…I don’t want him on grass that much anyways….”(thinking ummmm….he’s MY horse so back off! I’ll take care of him if it bothers you that much!) And she was just like “Oh. Well FINE then but he’s SUPPOSED to be out.” I didn’t say anything, just kept hosing Dawkins off. But I was kinda pissed….he IS my horse after all haha. And he’s not used to the rich MT grass, but is getting to be out all day because of her! And I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want him getting sick!!

So, the supplements I’m feeding now. I’m feeding him pretty much exactly the supplements Hawley was giving him, minus Daily Dewormer-since the barn’s he’s at here are MUCH smaller, we figure just regular deworming should be enough.

I’m giving him:

-Platform Joint Supplement (It’s supposed to be Platinum, but smartpak accidentally sent us the wrong one and I figured…why not feed this one? It’s got a lot of the good joint stuff so I’ll feed Platform until it runs out and then switch to Platinum)
-Apple-a-Day electrolytes

-Succeed Digestive Supplement

One scoop of each, just regular maintenance 🙂

I’m giving him tomorrow off, and then Monday I go to Rebecca Farm and school cross-country on him for the first time! Wish me luck-I might need it haha

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