Posted by: eventer4life | June 11, 2010


Well, since my last post things have changed quite a bit.

Dawkins arrived in Montana last Wednesday, June 2. He’s lived at 2 barns so far and will be switching to a 3rd next week….the problem is no barns in Montana are really anywhere near the ideal barn! Pretty much the options are live full time in a pasture (I’m worried about him getting sick, the grass here is SO much richer than in California), live full time in a pen, or (the ideal option) live in a stall during the day and be out at night. However, the only places where he can be in during the day and out at night, the barn is either slightly junky or I just don’t always get along so well with the barn owner! Right now he’s at my “trainer’s” barn (I put that in quotes for a reason I’ll explain in a bit), where he’s in a stall with a run during the day, and goes out with a muzzle on at night. He usually spends a few hours in the morning on the grass without a muzzle as well. But, he’s going to have to move from there next week. We always knew it wasn’t a permanent situation, but now he’ll be living in a pen full time. He won’t get any turnout because at the barn we’re going to, it’s either 24/7 turnout, or a pen with no turnout. And I can’t take the risk of him getting sick from the grass!

So the trainer situation. The problem is, there aren’t very many eventing trainers in the state of Montana. There’s 1 where I live, and 3-ish (more like 2) about 3 hours away. One of the trainers 3 hours away is GREAT. I called her a little over a week ago and…she still hasn’t returned my call. Plus…she’s 3 hours away!!! That’s pretty close, relatively, considering the majority of events I’ll be going to this year are over 10 hours away, but still pretty far to be going regularly for a trainer! And the trainer here…well I’ve been riding with her for 5 years I think, on and off. The problem with her is…she doesn’t help me anymore!!! I had a jumping lesson with her last week and literally, I jumped and all she did was raise jumps. It was my first time jumping Dawkins since I tried him out and he was really quick and racy and out of control, but she didn’t have any suggestions. At all. And she expects me to continue taking lessons from her?!?!? Of course, I probably will continue to take from her, just because I have no other options.

What I really really really would like to do is be able to spend this winter in California as a working student for…someone. I haven’t figured out any details yet, because my parents are NOT on board yet, but it’s what I want to do more than anything! I could go down for like…fall Woodside, ride and compete there for the winter, go to school online, be a working student for whoever, and then come back after spring Galway maybe? I want to do it so bad….I feel so stuck here it’s not even funny.

Anyways, Dawkins is doing really well! My saddle doesn’t fit him too well, but it fits alright and hopefully we can get by for a month or so until Rebecca when I’ll get fitted for an…Amerigo perhaps? I’m not really sure, but that’s what I’m leaning towards. I’m definitely not the best rider for him and we have a lot of issues (basically I’m incompetent with a horse like him) but whatever….

This summer I’m hoping to:

-Compete at Inavale-Training level

-Whidbey Island Pony Club Horse Trials-Training

-Event at Rebecca Farm-Training

-Area 7 Young Rider Benefit-Training


-Aspen Farms-Prelim

-Equestrian Institute H.T.-Prelim

-HOPEFULLY Fall Event at Woodside/Colorado/something in October-Prelim

-And *fingers crossed* Galway Downs-CCI* I’m HOPING

So yeah! I’ll keep updating this….hopefully have pictures/video soon.

Oh and I’m going up to Rebecca Farm next week…I was supposed to go to Olympic Event Camp, but that got cancelled last night. I’m going up there anyways to ride with Sarah Kelly…I have no idea if she’s a good trainer but she’s a good rider so hopefully it’ll be good! Jil…still has not called back. But she’s at Bromont so hopefully soon she’ll call me šŸ™‚


  1. Good luck with the trainer! It’s even harder when you have a million around and just can’t find the “one”

    Is the Whidby Island show the one in WA? (I know, dumb question.) I’m just saying, if you go let me know I’ll come be your “fan” šŸ™‚

    Denali’s mom

    • Oh I know….:( I had good luck with a trainer this week though! Rode with Sarah Kelly up at Rebecca Farm and had SUCH good lessons…so who knows?
      Yup that’s the one! šŸ™‚

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