Posted by: eventer4life | April 28, 2010

1st Jumping Lesson in a long….long time

Yesterday I had a jumping lesson on Cody with Drue, a local trainer I used to consistently ride with and haven’t been riding with recently. I really wanted to see how Cody would do over colorful jumps, and I figured it would be nice to ride with a jumping trainer. So I had a lesson yesterday with her.

Cody did pretty well, over all. He was extremely tense and anxious the whole ride. When I was warming him up I couldn’t get him to settle into any sort of frame so he pretty much trotted around with his nose stuck out. He was pulling so much too and was NOT respecting my hand. Considering I have him in a reasonably strong bit(a slow twist), I’m surprised he was so strong and not willing to listen. He was also pretty spooky-crazy leaps sideways when a bird flew by, or when we passed a section of fence he thought was “scary”, or a tree….he settled down and stopped spooking after a couple minutes though.

He got a little better once we started jumping. We didn’t jump big at all…maybe 2’9-3′ was the biggest? Probably smaller though. Cody’s in really bad shape….we didn’t want to make him sore. He jumped pretty well, his main issue over the whole lesson was PULLING. Basically, I’d show him a jump, then try to steady him because he’d be SO FLAT and even though we were jumping small I didn’t want him that flat! He’d collect a little, then flatten out and pull towards the jump and awkwardly jump it. He didn’t stop at anything (except the liverpool…but that’s another story) but it was kind of irritating…he’d just go off into his own world and I couldn’t slow him down or collect him…I could barely turn him. When he’d come back to me and listen he was good, but that was only a few times.

He did try though. He was a pretty good boy…just not great. I’m just not in love with him, I guess….

The biggest issue we had with him was the liverpool…I’ve been told he was a “very high level jumper” at some point, so of course, it was assumed he had jumped liverpools before. DEFINITELY NOT. He wouldn’t go NEAR it. It took so long to get him over it….Finally he went over it when it was about 6″ tall….and he’d jump it big and very skeptically…he DID NOT trust that thing. Haha.

So now I want to know how he’ll do cross country! I don’t know if I’ll be able to though…I actually don’t know if I’d even be allowed to event him if I leased him. I realized (just spelled that the…British? way…haha) that yesterday talking to Drue. I guess that’s an important thing to find out! I think it had been assumed I would be able to but I’m not sure we have ever actually asked! So yeah…if I can try him XC I might be able to take him out there tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise…well if he isn’t allowed to go cross-country I won’t be leasing him, that’s for sure! As much as I love jumpers….I’m an eventer 🙂

A random photo...from Costa Rica. Horses at sunrise 🙂

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