Posted by: eventer4life | April 26, 2010

Recap of the horse search so far

Since I’m going to try out some more horses this weekend, I figured I might as well recap the horses I’ve tried so far…I don’t have pictures of very many or even remember some of them that well but…

Horses at Mill Creek-

-Hansi-Swedish (?) Warmblood, chestnut. Very cute, but I struggled with him and idk…just not the right fit.


-Manolo-Some sort of Warmblood, I think. Evented through Novice, competed in Maclay Finals. I think. I liked him a lot but he was a lot of $$ for the eventing experience he had.


-Isabella-Green warmblood. Just…way too green. I don’t even have pictures.

-Trake-TB, I liked him but he could probably only go through Training. No pictures.

-Nitro-I liked him but…idk. RIP Nitro. No pictures of him.

-Will-12 year old TB, competed through Intermediate. I liked riding him a lot but he was stiff and needed a lot of “help”…he had to have a custom saddle, needed to be walked a lot once he got out of a stall because he was getting old, etc.


-Hami <3…I would have killed for this horse. 10 year old ISH/KWPN…competed through 1*, gorgeous 17.2 hh grey…super sweet. I loved him so much but yeah…that didn’t work out 😦

Hami ❤

Other horses-

At Jil Walton’s place I rode two of her horses…

-Marshall-I liked him a lot. 7 year old TB gelding, competed through Training….Yeah I liked him but I think…I’m not sure why we didn’t look into him more, actually. I only have video of him, no pictures.

-Drake-7 year old TB, competed through Novice. He was just a little too green for me.

Other horses-

Alma-Yeah….um I think he’s an ISH maybe. Grey, 17 hh. I liked him but he’s 14 years old and needs hock injections and yeah…he was fun to ride though.

I can’t remember the rest of the horses lol. 14 total.

Hami...I loved this horse so much ❤ 😦

So yeah…Friday I leave for California, I’m going to ride at least 2, probably more like 6. Haha.

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