Posted by: eventer4life | April 26, 2010


I’ve been given the opportunity to possibly lease a horse. My vet has a horse at his place, an 8 year old Hanoverian imported from Germany for 180,000 dollars. Yeah. You read that right. His name is Cody. We have no idea what he’s done. Maybe he’s done some H/J, maybe not. We know he knows how to jump, at least up to 3′ ish, and we know he has flying lead changes across the diagonal. We also know that he kicks himself in the field and had to have a skin graft but…

So I might end up leasing him. He’s not super cool and I’m not DYING to ride him, but I’ve ridden him twice, once I jumped him. He seems decent and he could work.

I’m also going down to Southern California at the end of the week to try a horse of Hawley Bennett’s, Amstel. Hopefully that’ll work out 🙂

Cody, being ridden by my dressage trainer-April 20,2010

Amstel 🙂

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