Posted by: eventer4life | April 2, 2010

Strengthes and Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

I figured I might as well start out this new blog with a list of my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. (Got the idea from Grey Brook Eventing). Although this won’t be super helpful for me, and probably a short list, I might as well 🙂


-My dressage. I think I can finally say this totally honestly. All I’ve ridden for about 6-8(can’t remember exactly) months is dressage with a great instructor on different horses. I might not be an amazing dressage rider, or rider at all, but my dressage is a hell of a lot better, and for eventing(at the levels I plan on competing currently), should be decent.

-My instructors. I ride with a Grand Prix dressage rider who is a good instructor, and once I have a horse to jump, I will ride with Jil Walton, as she is not too far from me.

-My parents are reasonably supportive.

-Have a drivers license now, can drive myself to clinics/lessons/events.

-Financial backing from my parents.

-Own a truck and trailer for personal transportation.


-I have no horse. Straight up. No matter what the rest of the weaknesses are, this is one which I can’t escape.

-I have almost no experience, because of how my horse situation has played out over the past…oh 5 years, I’d say. I’ve competed training at a local event which should not count as training, on a lesson horse.

-I haven’t jumped since October 2009, except once I jumped a green pony over some cross rails. And fell off….

-The most I’ve been able to ride since September of last year is twice a week. And for the last month, none. Since I can only ride in lessons…when they get cancelled or I don’t have time for a lesson, I can’t ride.

-Once I can compete, events are extremely hard to get to living in MT. Except one (3 hours away and easily the best event…EVER haha), they are all at least 7 hours away.

-Basically, everything.


-My parents can be supportive, and there is currently the opportunity to possibly buy an amazing horse.

-Training with Jil Walton

-Hopefully being a working student sometime in the next couple of years.


-I might not find a horse and won’t compete this summer. Or keep riding.

-Bad luck

-Bad weather

-Bad timing




Competing "Training" on Sterling, Missoula Horse Park 2009

Ok, well I guess I’ll continue my nice little story of how everything turned out this way later!
See ya!

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